Convert and compress your documents in the Cloud! With IRISCloud™ OCR, you can capture images directly on your iPhone® and iPad® and convert them ...

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Convert and compress your documents in the Cloud! With IRISCloud™ OCR, you can capture images directly on your iPhone® and iPad® and convert them into fully editable text documents and hyper-compressed PDF documents. You can also import existing image PDFs and other images from the Photo library and process them. Thanks to IRISCloud™ OCR you turn your iPhone® and iPad® into a high-quality document recognition device and avoid tedious retyping. IRISCloud™ OCR uses I.R.I.S.' awarded OCR engine to convert and hyper-compress your documents. The PDFs you create with IRISCloud™ OCR can be up to 50 times smaller than their original images, while maintaining the image quality. This makes them ideal to share via mail or in Cloud applications. How does it work? 1. Log in to IRISCloud™ OCR. 2. Select the language of your documents and the output format you want to generate. 3. Capture documents using the iPad®/iPhone® Camera. Or import images from your Photo library. 4. IRISCloud™ OCR immediately processes them and converts them into the requested output format. The text-searchable and/or fully editable documents can now be opened in your favourite apps. Note: the processing is done in the Cloud, which means you need a WIFI or 3G connection. To import images or to download processed documents, however, no WIFI or 3G connection is needed. Features: - Awarded OCR engine for best recognition accuracy - 18 languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) - Take pictures directly with the Camera and process them. - Import images from your Photo library and process them. - Multiple output formats: - PDF: generates text-searchable PDFs, without compression - PDF iHQC Standard: generates text-searchable PDFs, with up to 20 times compression. - PDF iHQC Advanced: generates text-searchable PDFs, with up to 50 times compression. - RTF: generates rich text format files, for text processing. The layout of the original files is re-created as much as possible. The output documents can be opened/edited in your favourite apps. Extended mobile solution for scanning and document processing IRISCloud™ OCR is fully compatible with I.R.I.S.’ cordless mobile scanners: IRIScan™ Anywhere 2 & IRIScan™ Book 2 (more information on Just scan and import the images into your iPad® or iPhone® with the Apple Camera Connection Kit™ and process them using IRISCloud™ OCR.


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Version: 2.0.12

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