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••• WINNER of Dr. Toy's 10 BEST TECHNOLOGY of 2013 ••• “Ice Math Ninja” reached #1 iPad Game in USA, UK, France, Germany! #1 Family Game in over 20 ...

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••• WINNER of Dr. Toy's 10 BEST TECHNOLOGY of 2013 ••• “Ice Math Ninja” reached #1 iPad Game in USA, UK, France, Germany! #1 Family Game in over 20 countries! Transform your child into a MATH-NINJA with a numbers’ game they will be EAGER TO PLAY! Ice Math Ninja is the most FUN way for your kids to practice math. AWARD WINNING characters: “Pookie and Tushka” guide children of all ages through several arcade math challenges. KEY FEATURES: • Includes 7 CHALLENGING GAMES • Get ACHIEVEMENTS to unleash cool POWER-UPS • Power-Ups create MICRO-GAMES within the game • LIGHTNING ROUND mode for faster gameplay • 3 DIFFICULTY MODES. One mode for young kids • Includes ANIMATED INTRO of the Icelands • Pookie the penguin provides nurturing ADVICE •Tushka the polar bear brings a dose of HUMOR • Compare scores via GAME CENTER • UNIVERSAL APP works on iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod Touch, and more! GAMES INCLUDED: SUB-ZERO MINES • Fun Value: Use your Swords of Fire to slice the MAGICAL frozen numbers, but avoid touching the exploding Zeros! • Educational Value: Helps recognize numbers, ascending order, and understand that larger numbers are the sum of smaller numbers. POLAR PAIR • Fun Value: Find the ZEN of Even and Odd numbers to be able to extract their mathematical energies! • Educational Value: Helps recognize Even and Odd numbers. ANTARCTIC ADD • Fun Value: Think fast and become a MASTER of addition by slicing sums of numbers before they hit the ground! • Educational Value: Improves Addition skills and Memory. COOL 21 • Fun Value: Ignite the MYSTICAL fire of your Swords to slice every number in sight! But don’t go over 21 or you’ll end up frozen! • Educational Value: Improves Subtraction skills and Memory. PRIME FREEZE • Fun Value: Split frozen numbers into their PRIMORDIAL components by using your Swords of Fire to slice them into primes! • Educational Value: Teaches all the Prime Numbers up to 100. FROSTRIS • Fun Value: Use waves of heat to merge ice cubes into the FUNDAMENTAL number 10! • Educational Value: Improves addition and subtraction skills. ICE FACTOR • Fun Value: Divide and CONQUER the power of the frozen numbers by using your Swords of Fire to slice them into factors! • Educational Value: Improves Division & Multiplication skills and Memory. REVIEWS: "4.5 STARS - Ice Math Ninja is a cool math ninja game that even the most reluctant young math student will warm up to." - "4 STARS - Ice Math Ninja is an excellent math app. Practice number recognition, addition, and prime numbers in a Fruit Ninja style game!" - "Ice Math Ninja is an addictive and adorable set of arcade style slicing games that'll be a blast for kids who need a little extra practice with math facts, but is also great fun for older kids and adults who simply enjoy the gameplay." - "Ice Math Ninja: ZERO – FREE is a perfect example of a game that not only holds a child’s attention, but also makes parents feel good about handing kids the iPad." - “... the diverse challenge modes, make playing this game a very unique experience ... and quite entertaining” - “ Loved it! I have searched forever for a good math app for my kids ages 5 & 11. The colors, visuals, effects & sounds are amazing.“ - LEARN MORE: View the TRAILER of this game at LIKE US on Facebook at: FOLLOW US on Twitter at CONTACT US with any questions at VISIT us at


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5.5

Size: 97.65 MB


Price: 2,77 €

Developed by Pers

Day of release: 2012-06-13

Recommended age: 4+

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