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After the great success of the Great App of Icebreaker we have taken your requests and made a PRO version. This PRO version of the Great App of Icebreakers ...

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After the great success of the Great App of Icebreaker we have taken your requests and made a PRO version. This PRO version of the Great App of Icebreakers has: • No Ads • Additional icebreakers focused on Customer service • Rebus Puzzles with full worksheets for you to use • Timer to help you manage your icebreakers. • Regular updates with more content. The Great app of icebreakers PRO provides quick, fun activities for energising meetings, classrooms, workshops and events. These games are suitable for kids and adults. Age is no barrier Icebreakers are a great way to warm up large groups, encourage shy individuals to participate more fully, add colour to boring staff meeting or training sessions and bring together people who are complete strangers. In fact icebreakers are effective in just about any group situation. The trick is to knowing which ones are the best for a given situation. That is where this app can help. It contains several proven and effective icebreakers that participants will enjoy and respond to. The icebreakers are organised within the app for you easy reference in the following way: • By type of icebreaker • By situation • By group size. Whether you are a teacher in primary school, high school or university or an adult educator you will find this app to be a valuable tool in your resources kit. Managers or small and large teams or business owners will also find this app useful to help break down barriers between team members and / or different teams. By using this app you will uncover stimulating ways to: • Generate interest in a presentation, training topic or classroom activity • Inject enthusiasm into meetings • Bring cohesiveness and a shared sense of purpose to large groups • Break down barriers between strangers, co-workers or students • Re-energise groups on the brink of boredom • Stimulate creative team thinking No matter what challenge or how tough the audience, this app will enable you to create the atmosphere you need to get the job done. Rebus picture puzzles challenge, educate, and entertain both children and adults by stimulating critical thinking skills. When you solve a rebus, it's almost possible to picture an illuminated light bulb with the word 'eureka' glowing brightly inside! We have provided worksheets and answer sheets for you to use. Rebus Puzzles have been found to be very useful in getting a group of people and / or children to get thinking again. Try them for yourself.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 16.76 MB


Price: 1,90 €

Developed by Business Success Pty Ltd

Day of release: 2013-05-16

Recommended age: 4+

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