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ImpactAR is the leading POS AR platform for viewing and interacting with your designs from Impact at the concept/Development stage. See your design concepts ...

Discontinued App


ImpactAR is the leading POS AR platform for viewing and interacting with your designs from Impact at the concept/Development stage. See your design concepts in full 3D right before your eyes, anywhere in the world at any time. ImpactAR has evolved! With this new release our exciting and innovative follow-up to the original ImpactAR sees the inclusion of multiple new features and bug fixes. New Engine: ImpactAR now fully utilises the Vuforia engine to display lightning fast 3D tracking and AR display. No more black boarders and support for partially obscured markers for easy use. Higher Definition Models: A fully up-to-date Unity3D platform allows for vibrant, high resolution models and textures with baked in light information. ImpactAR can now support 4x more polygons on latest hardware. Three AR Types: ImpactAR now offers three AR experiences, Scaled-down AR on A4 markers, Full Size AR on A3 markers and full 360 degree views using the new 360 button. It’s never been easier to see your designs in AR. Quick Link QR: Users with large lists can link directly to the correct AR file by simply scanning a QR code on the design from within the App - the AR instantly switches to the new file and downloads. Snapshot Share: ImpactAR has preserved the ability to take photos of your AR experience when in use. Place your marker in store, view the AR in situation and take an image. Create your own visuals to take, and share, with your team and your retailer. Simple, Quick and Impressive. Additional Security: The app now has layers of security. For your own personalised experience all you need to do is securely log in with your user name and password upon your first use – but what if I leave my device unattended? ImpactAR will lock down the app when unattended, upon screen lock and even when you move to another application and come back. Enter username and password again!? No, users are given a 4 digit PIN upon registration that can be quickly entered to unlock your session and return to use. Simple, Secure. Client Content Management System CMS: ImpactAR uses a CMS to manage the content of the system but in this release you can ask for a user account on the system to manage your own team. Are you a head of department? a brand ambassador? then gain your own access to your visualisation list. Assign content to your list - even create users yourself and assign content to them. Create an administer to your team. Simple, Secure. Impact have a reputation for pioneering new solutions, applications and ways of approaching problems. Our media offering is not restricted to a standard list of generic services in a brochure: we are constantly evolving, with innovation being central to keeping fresh and relevant. Our new revision of ImpactAR builds on the excellence of the original and sets your designs free in a rich 3D world. Download the app to enjoy our interior design demo, start the app and point your camera at our marker from www.impact-media.co.uk/support to experience AR. Register your interest with app.development@impact-creative.co.uk for your own client account with expanded features at no extra cost. Happy Playing! Never Miss an Opportunity. Impact.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.2.0

Size: 47.11 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Apache Solutions Ltd

Day of release: 2012-05-10

Recommended age: 4+

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