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\\\\\ RELEASE SPECIAL! ALL GUIDES FREE OF CHARGE. ////////// IN YOUR POCKET Essential City Guides are now on available for your iPhone, iPad and ...

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\\\\\ RELEASE SPECIAL! ALL GUIDES FREE OF CHARGE. ////////// IN YOUR POCKET Essential City Guides are now on available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! Get the most out of your travels with In Your Pocket, Europe’s biggest publisher of locally-produced city guides. ----------------------------------- "In Your Pocket: A cheeky, well-written series of guidebooks." New York Times ----------------------------------- Since 1992, In Your Pocket has been publishing regularly updated, essential guides to an ever increasing number of European cities. The In Your Pocket app has incorporated all of what has made In Your Pocket the most respected city guide publisher on the continent: accuracy of information; regular updates; sharp humour; a keen eye for detail; brilliant writing; and combined it with the power of iOS to create Europe’s top travel apps. Easily find the best and nearest restaurants, the cheapest hotels, the liveliest bars and clubs. Find out what’s on, order a taxi, check locations on live or static maps: it’s all here. Only In Your Pocket offers you such a wealth of information. ----------------------------------- OFFLINE FEATURES * Written by local authors who know and love their city * Excellent offline coverage of hotels, restaurants, cafés, clubs, attractions and transport options * Selection of offline maps and transport schedules * Practical Quick Info information * Venue search tool * Bookmark your favorite venues * Venue email, web and other contact information * Share venue information by email * Venue services * Native support for iPad and iPhone retina display in all orientations ----------------------------------- ONLINE FEATURES * Map Geolocation * Currency Calculator * Local Weather Forecast * In Your Pocket video (selected cities) ----------------------------------- AVAILABLE GUIDES - Amsterdam - Athens - Belfast - Belgrade - Berlin - Bucharest - Cagliari - Den Bosch - Dublin - Dubrovnik - Frankfurt - Gdansk - Katowice - KlaipÄ—da - Krakow - Kyiv - Ljubljana - Lodz - Lviv - Minsk - Moscow - Odesa - Pärnu - Podgorica - Poznan - Prague - Pristina - Riga - Shkodra - St. Petersburg - Split - Tallinn - Tarnow - Tartu - Thessaloniki - Tilburg - Tirana - Utrecht - Vienna - Vilnius - Warsaw - Wroclaw - Zadar - Zagreb - Zurich


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