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InControl is a simple rule-of-thumb application to assist executives who oversee a number of projects to quickly and easily obtain a visual reference ...

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InControl is a simple rule-of-thumb application to assist executives who oversee a number of projects to quickly and easily obtain a visual reference on a project's health. InControl version 1.0 monitors slippage in project milestones. The interface is deliberately minimalist. Are you on a project steering committee? Do you need a quick and reliable way to prioritise your focus on what is going wrong, where and why? Here are some simple rules of thumb used by professionals the world over, presented In a simple dashboard interface. InControl presents changes to key schedule indicators in a clear and intuitive display, providing early warning of the challenges ahead. All projects face some degree of schedule risk. Executive oversight has to tread a fine line between a reasonable degree of slippage and slippage that is a warning of impending failure. How much slippage means the project manager doesn't know what they are doing? How much means the project is getting out of control? When to make the call? The key to judging schedule slippage is watching a few well chosen milestones. When they move out, do they move faster than the days are passing? If a milestone set in January for delivery in June, is amended in March for delivery in December, it is receding into the future faster than the clock is ticking. You are headed for trouble! InControl will warn you of this impending doom. By entering and updating key milestones, InControl provides a clear indication of both the instantaneous slippage and the running average slippage. A traffic light indicator alarms when these exceed your tolerance. Coming soon, two sister applications used in conjunction with InControl provide a dashboard covering project milestone achievement, $ burn rate and residual risk. HOW TO USE THE APP ********************** STEP 1. Name the project milestone. STEP 2. When a project milestone is originally set, or re-baseline, enter the reported date and the milestone date in the first row. This also sets default reporting dates with no slippage in the second and third rows. STEP 3. Change the dates in the second and third rows as necessary to reflect actual or planned reporting dates. STEP 4. When a milestone is next reported, correct the reporting date and the milestone date in the second or third row as appropriate. If necessary use the 'copy to' function to move the dates in the third row into the second and then correct the dates in the third row. A well managed project will always show the average slippage per day well below the fixed blue 45 degree line. If the average slippage is at 45 degrees, then the milestone is slipping as fast as time progresses. This is the definition of an out of control project! STEP 5. To set a warning prior to 45 degrees, enter a tolerance ratio. For example; 1:1 is 45 degrees, a slippage of 25 days over a reporting month (25:30) is about 40 degrees, as is a slippage of 75 days over a quarter. While 40 days over a quarter (40:90) is about 24 degrees and slippage of a fortnight over a quarter (14:90) is about 9 degrees. STEP 6. If the average slippage is below tolerance, then the triangle and the traffic light will show green, unless instantaneous slippage is above 45 degrees. In this case the triangle and the traffic light will show yellow. If the average slippage is above tolerance, then the triangle and the traffic light will show yellow regardless of instantaneous slippage. If the average slippage is above 45 degrees, then the triangle and the traffic light will show red. Download the InControl Project Milestone and Slippage app today! VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION ********************************************** http://www.zoomnoodle.com.au WATCH OUR YOUTUBE TRAILER ******************************** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sr3zhOgGyQ SUPPORT ********* Questions? Comments? Send us an email at support@zoomnoodle.com.au


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Version: 1.0.3

Size: 420.63 KB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by ZoomNoodle Pty Ltd

Day of release: 2013-05-14

Recommended age: 4+

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