A TOP 25 MUSIC APP IN MORE THAN 40 COUNTRIES, INCLUDING THE US, CANADA, UK, AND FINLAND “Anyone with an interest in sound will enjoy this.... Whip ...

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A TOP 25 MUSIC APP IN MORE THAN 40 COUNTRIES, INCLUDING THE US, CANADA, UK, AND FINLAND “Anyone with an interest in sound will enjoy this.... Whip out your phone and challenge the intonation of your friends.” â€â€ “There are a number of ear training apps available for the iPhone, but InTune has actual science to back it up.” â€â€ Discchord It’s easy to find apps to help musicians play in tune, but not to improve a musician’s ears. Now that changes, with InTune, the app that helps musicians play in tune by improving their ability to hear. Use one of four game modes (starting on different pitches). Compete with your friends via Game Center. And you can share your score via email, Twitter, or Facebook. InTune is an outgrowth of twenty-five years of research and testing in the field of intonation by cellist and professor of music Daniel Kazez. The concept began as a simple game to test the ability to hear two pitches that are very close together. But then in a university research study, Kazez discovered that students’ hearing improved the more often they played â€â€ at triple the rate of those who did not. With InTune, you’ll hear two pitches and determine whether the second is higher or lower than the first. It starts easy and then gets more difficult, until you reach the closest pair of pitches that you can distinguish. Play InTune again to improve your score â€â€ and your ear! Share your score with others and find out who has the best ear. Band, orchestra, and choral directors love InTune: “A great app... fine-tuning chords is essential.” â€â€ Kelly Shepard, Performing Arts Chair, Milken High School, L.A., Calif. “A cool app to help students understand the importance and challenges of intonation.” â€â€ Dawnell Graham, Director of Orchestras, East Muskingum Schools, New Concord, Ohio “An awesome app.” â€â€ Katie Archer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School Choral Program, Rockville, Maryland “I really like this app. I have seen improvement in my score each time I use it.” â€â€ Robert Luce, Solon High School Bands, Solon, Ohio Featured app â€â€ AppAdvice “Using the app is simplicity itself… A neat little utility.” â€â€ Music App Blog “A very fun and useful app for all music students.” â€â€ NonLinear Educating - macProVideo “A great little app and surprisingly compelling.” â€â€ Musiquity “Lots of fun to be had challenging your friends.” â€â€ Total Choir Resources “Very easy to use…a fun and useful addition to your practice toolbox.” â€â€ Horn World “This app is a little bit addicting! In fact, I’m quite sure I’ve never had this much fun before teaching and practicing intonation. The game-like setting keeps students engaged and challenged, and I definitely noticed a difference in their ability to tune their instrument after they played it.” â€â€ Pianimation “Can be used to refine your pitch sensitivity step by step in a clear measurable way.” â€â€ Making Music Magazine How is InTune working for you? We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments and requests to!


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