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Infor Motion Shop Floor

Now available for Infor ERP VISUAL! Bring new levels of speed, convenience, personalization, and collaboration to your manufacturing process with InforTM ...

Discontinued App


Now available for Infor ERP VISUAL! Bring new levels of speed, convenience, personalization, and collaboration to your manufacturing process with InforTM Motion Shop Floor. You will get a clear view of every production order, or job, as it moves through the process, so you can see required resources and predict possible shortfallsâ€â€from start to finish. And because it is a native application, Shop Floor leverages video collaboration tools like FaceTime® to help you solve problems fast. Imagine being able to show a problem through FaceTime® and getting help now, rather than waiting for someone to come across the plant to assist. With Infor Motion Shop Floor, production supervisors and plant managers gain keen insight into every aspect of the production process, without being confined to a desktop or laptop. Easily personalize the app interface so it is most relevant to your role, helping you stay on top of the issues that are important to you. With Infor Motion Shop Floor you can: - View your materials. Do you know what materials or parts are required to fulfill a job? Can you check materials inventory quickly to see if you have enough in the storeroom? Can you easily access purchase orders to see if supplies are being replenished, and when? Use Infor Motion Shop Floor to get immediate answers on the fly to these and other questions so essential to keeping production flowing smoothly. - Know your employees. Not all your people have the skills required for every job. And not every day on the shop floor is a “normal” day. Special VIP orders sometimes jump ahead of standard production, or you might be working to offset production shortages from another plant. Whatever the scenario, Infor Motion Shop Floor gives you an immediate view of who is on the jobâ€â€complete with an inventory of their individual skillsetsâ€â€so you can easily move workers from job to job, put their skills to best use, and avoid costly disruptions in the workday. - Track your resources.- Know precisely what tools and machines are required and available to execute a production order, and use Shop Floor’s slick visualization feature to see the progress of any order as it resides on a specific resource. Production supervisors can view a step-by-step accounting of resources for each specific task in the process, so you know what a resource is doing, in the event a VIP order causes disruption. As a result, users make well-informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute information about resource utilization. Your plants gain the flexibility to ensure you get the job done, whether scheduled or not. For more information, contact: info@infor.com. Note: By downloading this mobile application, You acknowledge to reading and agreeing to the corresponding end user license agreement.


Technical specifications

Version: 10.2.4

Size: 2.78 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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