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InkBook is an easy to use appointment scheduling app for tattoo parlor owners, tattoo/piercing artists, and booth renters that lets you manage your tattoo ...

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InkBook is an easy to use appointment scheduling app for tattoo parlor owners, tattoo/piercing artists, and booth renters that lets you manage your tattoo business on the go. Try our free 30 day trial. Paid subscription required after free trial ends or simply cancel during the trial and you will not be billed for anything. EASY-TO-USE APPOINTMENT BOOK Quickly flip through days on your calendar, view and schedule appointments, and book time blocks to mark yourself off the appointment book. InkBook is a great scheduler app for any size tattoo parlor, and tattoo studio owners and managers can even check out the appointment schedule of any of their tattoo or piercing artists. If you're an independent contractor or chair renter, it also works great for booth renter scheduling. EASILY MANAGE CLIENT INFO View your clients' notes, see what products and services they've purchased in the past, all their upcoming appointments, and even send them a quick text or e-mail right from the app. InkBook is a useful tattoo studio client manager and makes it easy to keep up-to-date and in contact with all of your studio's clients. ONLINE APPOINTMENT BOOKING Create a completely customized website for your business and allow clients to request appointments through your website or Facebook page. You'll automatically be notified of new appointment requests in the app and once you accept or reject the request, InkBook will handle notifying the client by e-mail. CREDIT CARD PROCESSING Process credit cards right from your iPhone. You can swipe cards using a convenient mobile credit card reader, or type in credit card information to process credit card or debit card transactions. Even e-mail a receipt when you're done! MANAGE TIME BLOCKS Not just an appointment scheduler, you can block out time on your calendar to let everybody at the studio know when you're not available. The appointment book is always in-sync, so everybody will instantly know your availability. PRODUCT SALES AND INVENTORY Manage your parlor‘s product inventory, and even sell products to clients right on your iPhone or iPad. Inventory is maintained automatically as products are sold, so you can always know how much retail product you have in the tattoo shop at any time. OVER 25 TATTOO PARLOR REPORTS Check your total studio sales, percentage that artists are booked, product inventory levels, and more right from your phone. We've included over 25 comprehensive business reports to make running your tattoo shop from anywhere a breeze. OTHER FEATURES • View your appointment book schedule, and even create or modify appointments on your calendar • Close tickets with any payment type, including credit cards • Add, modify, and remove clients • View, accept, and reject pending appointment requests • Add, modify, and remove products • Add, modify, and remove services • Add and manage artist tips • Add and modify employees • Manage employee online accounts • Customizable categories and settings • Call or text clients right from your iPhone SUPPORT QUESTIONS If you experience any problems please contact our customer support specialists via e-mail at or by phone at (800) 604-2040.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.2.0

Size: 20.86 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by DaySmart Software, Inc.

Day of release: 2011-11-3

Recommended age: 4+

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