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Free version is available here: Instant Vietnamese helps people who wants to have ...

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Free version is available here: Instant Vietnamese helps people who wants to have a quick start on understanding Vietnamese. This app provides quick introduction to Vietnamese's critical elements 1. The alphabets table with vowels and 3 kinds of consonants together with voices 2. Tone system - full description of tone system together with examples and voices 3. Spelling - how to pronoun a Vietnamese word 4. Tenses - express phrases in past, present, future tenses 5. Popular sentences - which can be very helpful when urgently needed 5. Dialogues - different contexts (at the airport, catch a taxi, exchanging money, ask the way, amusement, sightseeing, date and time, greeting, shopping, at the restaurant, in the hotel and at the post office), in which context there are very useful sentences - that people tends to use - with voices Also, there are instruction into different part of Vietnamese base on each context and vocabularies that are useful for the context. All the content are presented in the simplest way possible to help user get started with the language as fast as possible. All vietnamese words, phrases are provided with voices recorded by the people working for television channels with standard Northern/Southern voices. All phrases have been recorded with Northern/Southern voices and with normal/slow speeds. Tap on any words/phrases to listen to the recorded sounds.


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