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This app is for mobile CIC contact center supervisors who want to monitor agents and queue activity. Interaction Supervisor, iPad Edition satisfies the ...

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This app is for mobile CIC contact center supervisors who want to monitor agents and queue activity. Interaction Supervisor, iPad Edition satisfies the requirements of executives, supervisors, managers, and IT professionals who need immediate operational information and automatic notification when special events occur. Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) is the leading all-in-one contact center platform that delivers application-rich IP PBX, messaging, conferencing, collaboration and business process automation throughout an enterprise. CIC manages multimedia objects such as telephone calls, faxes, e-mail, web chats and SMS messages with ease. CIC routes and records multimedia interactions while performing real-time speech analytics and other services that are essential to organizations with rigorous communications requirements. Interaction Supervisor™ is CIC's real-time performance monitoring system. Interaction Supervisor, iPad Edition reveals what's going on in a contact center or business, by displaying statistics about people and workgroup queues. ● Mobile supervisors can monitor the performance of workgroups and activity in their associated queues. ● A supervisor with sufficient access privileges can select an agent and see her interactions and current status. Features ● Dashboard. The dashboard offers a configurable selection of widgets—visual components that display statistical categories in various ways. For example, an Interactions widget displays the number of interactions that were answered or received, along with abandon counts and abandon rate. Widgets display information numerically or as a graph. Supervisor updates all statistics and graphs in real-time. ● Alerts. Alerts notify supervisors when a statistic enters a user-defined threshold, is within bounds, or is no longer within a range of values. Alerts can be based on calls longer than a specific duration, average hold time greater than a given value, and many other metrics. This app shows all active alerts accessible by the logged in user. Alerts are sorted by severity. ● Locator. Every wonder where an agent is? Tap the agent's name in a list to pinpoint her position on a map or floor plan. Along with position, Locator displays her current status, time in status, and time on her current interaction. Tap her location to display the agent's skills, and optionally change her status. ● Agents. This feature helps a supervisor stay on top of agent activity. It displays agent statistics for the current period, current shift, previous period, or previous shift. Benefits ● Monitor the contact center even while away from your desktop. ● Identify performance bottlenecks.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1.1

Size: 17.77 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Interactive Intelligence

Day of release: 2013-03-29

Recommended age: 4+

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