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-------- Download Interface 3 for free, search for the free version on App Store. Interface, the original and #1 native prototyping app on the App Store. ...

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-------- Download Interface 3 for free, search for the free version on App Store. Interface, the original and #1 native prototyping app on the App Store. -------- Interface 3 is here with full iOS 7 support. Use Interface 3 to create pixel perfect mockup of your iPhone or iPad app using native iOS widgets, right on the the iPad. Make sure to visit our site for extensive video demos: -------- Imagine how much time you will save if you can create a mockup of your iPhone or iPad app, right within your iPad? Even better if you can instantly try out your mockup with real native iOS controls? Imagine how impressive and competitive it is, if you can show a ready-to-play mockup to your client, and let your client try out the mockup before you actually commit any work? Now you can, with Interface 3, the ultimate mockup & prototyping app for iPad. We believe iPad itself is the best place to create mockup for an app, because you can hold the device on your hand and actually try out the mockup. This is why we created Interface, the Interface Builder(or even better) that runs right within your iPad. -------- Create Mockup Using Native iOS Controls Simply pick a widget from the widget library and drop it to your mockup screen, then start customizing widgets using options. Interface covers all iOS widgets, and it follows guidelines suggested by Apple when creating widgets to achieve pixel-perfect results. -------- Web Presentation Our free cloud based Web Presentation export service will convert your entire project into playable presentation that can be viewed in all modern browsers, sharing your ideas has never been this easy! -------- Powerful Editors Interface's powerful layout engine allows you to customize almost everything provided by the iOS SDK, with zoom support and layout assistant, fine tuning widgets is easier than before. Undo & Redo, Copy & Paste are all supported such that you can edit your screen with ease & confidence. -------- Custom Editors Interface features many built-in custom editors such as Text Style Editor, Color Editor, Gradient Editor and Image Editor. Ever wish you can change an icon's color without leaving the app? Now you can with the built-in image editor. -------- Text Style Support iOS 7 is all about contents and texts, Interface 3 provides full text styles support, simply define a text style, choose the desired font, color & more, then apply it to widgets in one simple tap. -------- Action & Preview Link Mockup Screens with Animations Link screens in your project with native iOS animations, push screens around and display popovers, it is fun! Preview your app flow right within Interface, or export the project to Web Presentation and share it to anyone. -------- Share via PDF Export your project to a multi-page PDF to share with anyone, with built-in File Sharing & Airport support, you can instantly open your PDF in compatible apps such as Drop Box, Box and Google Drive. -------- Image Assets We've handpicked a list of high quality iOS 7 style stock icons & patterns, installation is just one tap away. With over 5000 free icons you can always find the right one. You can also bring your own project images to Interface via iTunes File Sharing or Drop Box. -------- More Features Than You Can Imagine Retina support, orientation support, alpha, popover, password protected project, visit for extensive screencasts and information.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0.2

Size: 6.15 MB


Price: 9,42 €

Developed by Less Code Ltd

Day of release: 2010-06-15

Recommended age: 4+

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