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The mpt Intervals and Triads App introduces and aids in the aural recognition of two of the basic building blocks of music, Intervals and Triads, that ...

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The mpt Intervals and Triads App introduces and aids in the aural recognition of two of the basic building blocks of music, Intervals and Triads, that are fundamental to our understanding of music. Notes played one after another in rhythm are perceived as melody while notes sounding with the melody, or played at the same time, produce harmony or chords. The mpt Intervals and Triads App contains explanations and exercises to help you master aural recognition of melodic and harmonic intervals and the four primary triads. By providing a large number of user-configurable settings, the App is appropriate for any level of musical understanding, from the beginner looking to get started with playing by ear to the serious music student looking to fine-tune their ear training skills. By spending just a few minutes a day with Intervals and Triads, you can improve your ability to play songs by ear and deepen your understanding of how music is created. mpt Intervals and Triads combines a tutorial with a series of exercises that test your understanding of the material. To get the most out of the App, you should first go through the tutorial. Once you complete the tutorial you are ready to tackle the exercises. Initially, the exercises will be presented at a Beginner level. However, as your expertise grows the application grows with you, providing additional Intermediate and Genius levels, along with other settings that can be configured to increase the complexity of the exercises as your knowledge grows. Or if you think you are already an expert and just need some additional fine tuning of your ear training skills, feel free to start off at the Genius level. It's all up to you. Key Features of our Exercises: - Differentiating between the various triad types - User-friendly approach to recognizing the different triad types - Identifying the notes that make up a triad - Discerning the difference in composition between triad types of the same root - Identifying and naming the intervals between notes - Identifying intervals played separately (melodic) and played together (harmonic) - Testing of both ascending and descending intervals, starting on any note - For beginners, the ability to limit testing to intervals that start on Middle C Other Features: - Tutorial providing an introduction to Intervals and Triads - A complete help section for assistance navigating the App - Tips and guidelines for performing the various exercises - Wide variety of settings for adjusting the difficulty level of the exercises - Complete descriptions of all the settings that make the App so flexible


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 14.09 MB


Price: 2,67 €

Developed by Supply Street Inc.

Day of release: 2012-01-20

Recommended age: 4+

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