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Intro to Adobe Illustrator CS5 HD

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Intro is a video based training program developed by Train Simple, an Adobe Authorized Training Provider. This app will teach you ...

Discontinued App


Adobe Illustrator CS5 Intro is a video based training program developed by Train Simple, an Adobe Authorized Training Provider. This app will teach you everything you need to get started using Illustrator efficiently and productively. The course contains nearly 9 hours of video and access to the exercise files so you can follow along with the instructor on your Mac or PC. Topics include: Understanding Illustrator CS5 Welcome Vector vs. Bitmap Artwork Understanding Paths Fills and Strokes Selections and Stacking Order Isolation Mode Welcome Screen Creating New Documents Anatomy of a Document Multiple Artboards Illustrator Templates Saving Documents Working in Illustrator Panels Control Panel Rulers and Guildes Guides and Grid Smart Guides Align Panel Hide Edges Preview and Outline Modes Navigation Bounding Box Workspaces Core Drawing Concepts Basic Shapes Polygon and Star Tools Open-Path Tools Pencil Tool Paintbrush Tool Pen Tool Complex Paths Pen Modifier Tools Smooth and Path Eraser Tools Combining Paths and Making Shapes Joining and Averaging Paths Offset Paths Clean Up Stray Paths Compound Paths Compound Shapes Shape Builder Tool Pathfinders Split Into Grid Blob Brush and Eraser Tools Text and Selections Point and Area Text Character Settings Paragraph Settings Text Threading Text on an Open Path Text on a Closed Path Create Outlines Group Selection Tool Magic Wand Tool Lasso Tool Select Menu Save Selections Select Behind Appearance, Groups, and Layers Appearance Panel Targeting vs. Selecting Adding Multiple Attributes Live Effects Expand Appearance Apperance Panel Options Copy Appearances Understanding Groups Group Attributes Live Effects on Groups Understanding Layers Colors, Fills, and Strokes Applying Color Process and Global Colors Spot Colors Color Books Color Groups Saving and Loading Custom Swatches Color Guide Gradients Gradient Tool Pattern Fill Define a Pattern Basic Stroke Options Dashed Strokes Arrowheads Width Tool Width Profiles Outline Strokes Transform, Brushes, and Symbols Moving and Copying Artwork Scaling and Resizing Objects Rotate Artwork Reflect and Shear Tools Free Transform Tool Align Objects Distribute Objects Calligraphic Brushes Scatter Brush Art Brush Pattern Brush Bristle Brush Creating Symbols Editing Symbols Symbol Sprayer Tool Working with Images and Masks Placing an Image Links Panel Live Trace Live Trace Options Masking an Image Clipping Mask Layer Clipping Mask Opacity Mask Reflection Effect Project, Printing, and Saving Postcard Project: Logo Shapes Postcard Project: Logo Colors Postcard Project: Adding Copy Printing Documents Saving Documents Saving a PDF Saving for Office Saving a PSD File Save for the Web Export a TIFF Conclusion


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 565.25 MB


Price: 9,08 €

Developed by Train Simple

Day of release: 2012-01-31

Recommended age: 4+

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