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Intro to Adobe Photoshop CS5 HD

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Intro is a video-based training course developed and delivered by Train Simple, an Adobe Authorized Training Provider. This course ...

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Intro is a video-based training course developed and delivered by Train Simple, an Adobe Authorized Training Provider. This course contains 8 hours of training video and exercise files so you can follow along with this instructor on your Mac or PC. The following topics are covered: Getting Started with Photoshop Welcome Differences between OS's Understanding Panels Workspaces Working with Multiple Documents Tab Preferences Screen Modes Tools Panel Customize Keyboard Shortcuts Document Navigation File Types Understanding Resolution Resize and Resample Resolution in Practical Terms Preferences History Panel Making Selections Reviewing the Selection Tools Marquee Tool in Detail Feather a Selection Copy and Paste Scaling the Image Modifying a Selection Quick Selection and Magic Wand Refine Edges Command Quick Mask Mode Color Range Save Selection Layers, Masks, and Smart Objects Background Layer Load Multiple Images Basics of Layers Layer Selection Techniques Layer Panel Options Locking Layers Convert a Layer to a Smart Object Align and Distribute Layers Layer Groups Changing Layer Opacity Blend Modes Basic Layer Masks Gradient Layer Mask Rasterize and Flatten Images Crops and Transformations Using the Crop Tool Non-Destructive Cropping Reveal All Crop to Add Canvas Understanding Canvas Size Perspective Cropping Straighten an Image Transform Content Content-Aware Scale Adjustments Histogram Panel Adjustment Layers Levels Adjustment Adjustment Layer Mask Clipping the Adjustment Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Curves Adjustment Hue/Saturation Adjustment Vibrance Adjustment Photo Filter Adjustment Remove Color Cast Black and White Adjustment Photo Retouching Tonal Adjustment Tools Spot Healing Brush Healing Brush Tool Patch Tool De-emphasizing Wrinkles Content Aware Fill Sharpen an Image Smooth Skin Removing Noise Liquify Filter Text and Layer Styles Point Type Area Type Type on a Path Type Mask Tool Warping Text Adding Layer Styles Drop Shadow Effect Copying Layer Styles Saving Styles Save Style Set Scaling Styles Filters and Techniques Understanding Filters Smart Filters Gaussian Blur Filter Adding Noise Unsharp Mask Filter Texturizer Filter Filter Gallery Applying Filters to Multiple Layers Combine Images Output and Automation Recording an Action Batch Processing Color Settings Printing Save for the Web Conclusion


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