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Inventory Scanner

••• Use this app and your iPhone to scan and manage your inventories. - Do you have to register products and their data, e.g. quantity, location, ...

Discontinued App


••- Use this app and your iPhone to scan and manage your inventories. - Do you have to register products and their data, e.g. quantity, location, etc? - Do you manage product-pools? - Do you have to do stock taking or inventory tracking? - Do you have demand for automated document processing? - Do you collect books, CD/DVD’s, Games … and want to organize them? ••- Are you tired of reading product- or device- ID’s or their serial numbers, then writing it down manually on paper and afterwards typing it into your PC or Mac? This app automates these tasks in three easy steps: 1. Get the product-ID or name of the products via the integrated barcode-reader. 2. Now take all corresponding data to every product using the barcode-reader. The app saves all of the data in it’s integrated Database for further processing. Add their quantity, location or additional user configurable data. 3. Export the collected data by E-Mail or access it from everywhere via the integrated WIFI-Export Server. ••- You get a huge improvement in Data quality and you save lots of time: - No more manually reading of numbers - No more manually writing down of long numbers or product-id’s on paper - No more hacking the data afterwards in a spreadsheet - No more transcription errors - Perfect consolidation of your data in just one place ••- Features: - integrated Data Management tool: - many editable fields for product information, e.g. quantity, category, locations... - easily edit your predefined products, locations and categories - user customizable fields - auto fill of fields after scanning products you have already in the Database - The app reads following barcodes formats: - UPC-A - UPC-E - EAN 8 - EAN 13 - ISBN 10 - ISBN 13 - 2/5 Interleaved (i25) - DataBar - Code 39 - Code 93 - Code 128 - QR Code - Tracking numbers from UPS and FedEx. - The app is optimized in reading as most as possible barcodes. In the settings you can optimize that by selecting which type or barcode the app should read. - Add an image to every product - Advanced data export modul: - Export your data in Text-Format (CSV: comma separated values) or in .XML - Export your data as ZIP - Export your saved images - Export the complete SQL-DB via DB-Dumb - Send it to anybody via email from within the app - Or fire up the integrated WIFI-export-server and access your collected data from any computer in your local network. - NEW! Link the app to your Dropbox account and upload your data directly into the Dropbox. ••- Available for iPhone and iPod Touch! This version of the app is fully functional, but without exporting data enabled.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.15

Size: 5.38 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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