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You know innovation when you see it. Investment Return is an innovative new approach to financial calculators. Older financial calculators were constrained ...

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You know innovation when you see it. Investment Return is an innovative new approach to financial calculators. Older financial calculators were constrained by one numeric input and however many buttons would fit on the face of the calculator. Many calculator Apps, even those available on the iPhone, mimic these older calculators. Why not start over from scratch, given the programability of the iphone/ipod/ipad? With Investment Return you input your buy and sell dates using innovative Apple Date Pickers and your holding period is computed for you to the day! If you want to see how this product works before you buy it there is a short YouTube video that describes it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y44JTDfitA The fastest way to see the demo video is to click the Hyperborean Web Site below and click the Video demo in the upper left hand corner. Investment Return solves three common problems that Investors are concerned with: What is the Return on my Investment? I bought a stock 3 and ½ years ago for x and sold it for y today. What was my compounded annual return on that investment? Inv. Return solves this problem and allows you to input your buy and sell dates using convenient iPhone Date Pickers. After inputting your Buy and Sell price you are presented with your annual return with your holding period calculated to the day. The compound return calculations presented by Investment Return are based on industry standard compound interest formulas and can be shown reconcile with standard financial tools such as an Hewlett Packard 12c ® and the Microsoft Excel ® spreadsheet for specific problems. If you understand that compound interest is the correct way to calculate return on your investments, then Investment Return is the calculator for you! The return is calculated for one investment at a time, this product does not manage a portfolio or remember the buy price and date for specific investments. Screenshot #2 What is my Return on an Investment that pays a Dividend, Interest Payment, or Rent? Dividend uses all the features of the calculator above but adds the feature of being able to add a Dividend, recurring Interest, or Rent payment to the calculation. Screenshots #3 & #4 What will my Retirement Nest Egg be? There are many Retirement Calculators, but have you ever met one that let’s you specify the Day of your Retirement? The Investment Return Retirement Calculator takes your current retirement savings balance, your planned annual contribution until retirement, the Interest Rate you expect to receive on your retirement investments, and then let’s you input your planned retirement date on a Date Picker. From these inputs Retirement calculates the amount of your nest egg at the future date. Spin the year column of the date picker slowly forward or backward and watch how that affects your nest egg. Screenshot #1 The three calculators, Inv. Return, Dividend, and Retirement along with a Help screen are presented with an easy to use Tab bar at the bottom of the screen that allows you to switch easily between the applications. This App pays for itself the first time you use it.   You make investments worth 1,000's of Dollars/Euro's/Pounds/Loonies/etc.  or more.  Let's take an example. You made a 40% total return in 2.5 years or you made a 40% total return over 10 years, how did you really do?  This App tells you how you did using the financially correct, compound interest methodology that can be compared across investments. Are you beating CD's?, Money Market Funds?, Fixed Rate Bonds?, TIPS?, Major Market Indices?, other investments you made or can make?  This App tells you (I'm assuming you know those other returns). This app pays for itself with your first Investment Return or your first use of the Retirement Calculator. All the calculations you make after the first one are gravy.


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