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Islam In Brief

Watch or listen to this high-quality Islamic lecture on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch during your daily commute, a long road trip, while working out, ...

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Watch or listen to this high-quality Islamic lecture on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch during your daily commute, a long road trip, while working out, or wherever you have an internet connection. Duration: 1 hour, 13 min. Language: English. What makes this app different from others is quality and originality! This lecture was professionally recorded by us, and the video and audio streamed through this app was encoded directly from the master recording! Furthermore, you get clean, robust, DVD-like menus (see images below) that give you access to the full-length lecture, individual chapters, a catalog listing of many other titles with short previews, sharing tools, and download links. Please purchase this title and many other titles in our catalog, as you are supporting our efforts to produce more original, high-quality videos in the future, insha' Allah. To view a complete list of our video streaming apps, search for 'islam on demand' on the App Store. APP FEATURES -High quality video and audio! (We're a production company first-and-foremost so you're getting the originally-produced video from the source. We recorded this lecture ourself). -Auto detection of your connection type: Wi-Fi will automatically play high quality video. All other connection types will play lower quality but faster video. -Customize your playback preferences. For instance, set up the player to play 'Video and Audio' or 'Audio Only' each time you press play. Or set it up to ask you each time. -Listen to the audio in the background while using your device (Requires a device that supports multi-tasking running iOS 4.0 or later). -Professionally designed interface. -Optimized graphics for Retina Displays and iPad screens. -Browse other titles in our catalog and watch short previews. -Share the details of this app with your friends via Facebook or email. -Access direct links to iTunes downloads. -Access direct links to purchase DVDs or CDs. NOTE This app requires an internet connection to stream the lecture. LECTURE SUMMARY A university lecture ideal for non-Muslims that covers the important aspects of introducing Islam in a clear and concise manner. Supplemented with powerpoint visuals, the speaker defines Islam and looks at the basic beliefs and practices. The heart of the lecture surveys these "hot" topics: hijab, status of Muslim women, and jihad. Q&A includes questions about 4 wives, Hell, suicide, jizyah, 9/11, extremism, Jesus & Mary, apostasy, media, and Islam by the sword. CHAPTERS 1) Is Islam Important? 2) Islam is More Than a Religion? 3) The Meaning of "Islam" and "Muslim" 4) The Islamic View of the Human Being 5) Who is Allah? 6) Belief in the Angels and the Revelations 7) What is the Koran (Qur'an)? 8) Belief in the Prophets 9) Belief in the Day of Judgment and Destiny 10) The 1st Pillar of Islam: Shahadah (Testification of Faith) 11) The 2nd Pillar of Islam: Prayer (Salah) 12) The 3rd Pillar of Islam: Poor-Due Tax (Zakat) 13) The 4th Pillar of Islam: Fasting (Ramadan) 14) The 5th Pillar of Islam: Pilgrimage (Hajj) 15) Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijab? (Head Covering) 16) The Status of Women in Islam 17) Clarifying the Concept of Jihad (Struggling) 18) Q&A: Is Hell Eternal? 19) Q&A: What Are "Jinn"? 20) Q&A: More About Muslim Women 21) Q&A: Why Religious Extremism Exists? / Do Muslims Believe Jesus Will Return? 22) Q&A: Media Bias About Islam 23) Q&A: Was September 11th Justified in Islam? 24) Q&A: Do Muslims Support the War on Terror? 25) Q&A: Does God Change His Mind Between Revelations? 26) Q&A: A Muslim Man Can Have Four Wives? 27) Q&A: What is Jizyah (Non-Muslim Tax)? 28) Q&A: The Islamic View on Suicide Bombers? 29) Q&A: Were Apostates Put to Death in the Early Years of Islam? 30) Q&A: Was Islam Spread by the Sword? 31) Q&A: What Do Muslims Believe About Jesus? 32) Q&A: How to Clarify the Propaganda That the Koran (Qur'an) is From the Devil?


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