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Islam Q&A with 9,000+ Questions and Answers

Islam Q+A contains over 9,000 questions about Islam for Muslims. FEATURES: Read the regularly updated latest questions, search by keyword or topic, bookmark ...

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Islam Q+A contains over 9,000 questions about Islam for Muslims. FEATURES: Read the regularly updated latest questions, search by keyword or topic, bookmark for reading later TOPICS Tenets of Faith Belief Allah Angels Divinely-revealed Books Messengers Last Day & Signs of Hour Torment & Blessing in Grave Paradise & Hell Divine Will & Decree Jinn, witchcraft & evil eye Tawheed Divine Lordship Divinity Names & Attributes of Allah Shirk intercession Alliance & Amity, Disavowal & Enmity Schools of Thought Sects Religions Hadeeth & its Sciences Quran & its Sciences Fiqh of family Marriage Engagment Dowry Mahram Relatives Women Kind Treatment of Spouses Plural marriage & fair treatment of co-wives Rights of spouses Divorce Custody Breast Feeding Waiting Period Spending Principles of Fiqh Jurisprudence & Islamic Rulings Acts of Worship Purity Wiping over socks Vessels Cleaning oneself Ablution Menstruation & Post-Natal bleeding Natural character & instinct of human creation Removing Impurity Nullifiers of Wudoo Answering Call of Nature al-Tayammum Prayer Mosques Congregational Prayer Friday Eclipse Prostration Zakah Fasting Seeing New Moon Al-Itikaf Expiation Taraweeh prayers & Laylat al-Qadar Between man & wife Hajj Mahram to Travel with Women Types of Ritual Vows Sacrifices Funerals & rulings on graves Giving reward for righteous deeds to deceased Striving & migrating for sake of Allah Transactions Interest Investment Credit Cards Business Contracts Taxes Copyrights al-Sarf (exchange) Inheritance & distribution of estate Borrowing & Lending Slavery Guardianship, Representation trusts Forbidden Kinds of Wealth Gambling Gifts & Presents Bribes Insurance Compensation Employment for a Salary Ruling on jobs Womens Work Prohibited Jobs Ja’alah (price offered) Islamic Endowments Blood Money Punishment & Judicial Sentences Hadd punishment for slander Apostasy Adultery/fornication & Homosexuality Felonies Manslaughter Customs & traditions alsaid Rulings on art & acting Singing & Musical Instruments Sport, leisure & entertainment Clothing, adornment & images Womens clothing Dress Adornments Images & image-making Races & games Drinks Food & Nourishment Slaughtering ‘Aqeeqah & rulings on new-born Medicine & medical treatments Reciting Quran Over a Sick Al-‘ariyah (borrowing) al-Ghasab (seizing by force) repenting from haram wealth Lost Property Illegitimate children Rulings on lost property Shahadat (testimonies) al-Fara’id (shares of inheritance) Usool al-Fiqh Sources for Islamic Rulings & Shariah Innovations in Religion & Worship Accountability Etiquette, Morals Heart Softeners Rulings on Tawbah Love of Allah Sins of Tongue Backbiting & Gossip Supplications Repentance Ad’iyah Mahzoorah (forbidden du’as) Virtues of deeds Sincerity Showing Off Manners Al-Manahi al-Lafziyyah (forbidden expressions) Reading Quran Kissing-hugging Manners of Greeting Eating & drinking Sneezing Sleeping Manners Brotherhood in Islam Names & Nicknames Etiquette of Dreams Relationships between 2 genders Manners of Speaking With Womans Honouring Parents Neighbours Rights Keeping Contact with Kinship etiquette of hospitality Adab al-Safar (etiquette of travel) Animal Rights Character & Morals Praised Manners Bad behaviour Love & steps that lead to immoral actions Knowledge & Propagation Inviting others to Islam Calling Muslims to Islam Calling non-Muslims to Islam Qualities of caller to Islam Means of Dawah Rulings on enjoining what is good & forbidding what is evil Knowledge Psychological & Social Problems Islamic history & biography Virtues & Merits Biography of Prophet Companions of Prophet Beginning of creation & wonders of creation Pedagogy education & upbringing Childrens Upbringing training oneself Islamic politics


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