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Ivy League Admissions

Our Ivy League Students Share Tips & Strategies That Will Get You Into Your Dream School! Where you go to college will affect the rest of your life. ...

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Our Ivy League Students Share Tips & Strategies That Will Get You Into Your Dream School! Where you go to college will affect the rest of your life. If you're going to invest 4 years of your life and $200,000 on your education, you'll want to attend elite schools like Harvard or Stanford. However, most of the admissions guides you'll find offer advice that's too general, outdated, and oftentimes completely ineffective. Our strategies worked for us, and they'll definitely work for you. We each come from different educational backgrounds, so you can find admissions strategies that relate specifically to you. HERE'S JUST A FEW OF THE THINGS YOU'LL LEARN! The 5 unspoken questions that admissions officers want answered in your application How taking the right community college courses can help you get into top schools The 3 critical strategies for getting into Harvard with a low GPA Best kept secrets on scoring 2400s, 36s, and 5s! The 4 steps you need to take to get great recommendation letters AP or IB? The truth behind which program admissions officers value the most The 3 most important extracurriculars and how the Ivies rank them How to break into the Ivy League as a transfer student 3 little known things your guidance counselor can do to increase your acceptance chances MEET SOME OF OUR AUTHORS TYLER WHITE Tyler is a sophomore at Stanford University in California. He is currently pursuing a degree in Symbolic Systems with an honors concentration in Ethics and Society. He went to school in Crystal Lake, IL and was born in Cleveland Ohio. He spent his freshman year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor before transferring to Stanford for his sophomore year. At Stanford he is a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity and sings a cappella with Everyday People, Stanford's R&B and soul group. His passions include achievement gaps in education and entrepreneurship. In the future, he hopes to either start or work for a company that allows him to work with education initiatives. He ultimately wants to eradicate the racial achievement gap at all levels. AYA INAMORI Aya is a senior at Stanford University. She applied there as an international student from Tokyo. Her academic interests lie in the fields of linguistics (bilingualism) and clinical psychology (child and adolescent mental health). Aya loves working with children. She finds their energy, curiosity, and creativity contagious. She is also interested in how language shapes a child's developing mind. Her long-term goal is to become a child clinical psychologist. Aya also enjoys learning new languages, traveling and eating good food. Countries she has visited during her four years of college include Dubai, Spain, Morocco, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Canada. Her favorite thing to eat is freshly baked chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk. ROBERT LEE Born in South Korea, Robert grew up in Chicago and is currently a junior at Harvard College, where he is pursuing a joint bachelors-masters degree in Economics and Regional Studies – East Asia. Having been fascinated by Chinese history and language since middle school, he has traveled extensively across China, studied at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and most recently worked within the Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley Asia.


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