***************************************** FREE for a limited time only! ***************************************** An explosion of Japanese culture, ...

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***************************************** FREE for a limited time only! ***************************************** An explosion of Japanese culture, craziness, and strange facts right on your iPhone! JAPOW! is a hilarious way of broadening your Japanese vocabulary from the culture that spawned ninjas, sushi, and anime. JAPOW! features Japanese slang, dirty words, strange Japanese facts, Japanglish, and hilarious illustrations. Features * Over 100 hilarious illustrations and words, with an ever growing library. *An online community where you can chat with people from Japan *An easy-to use interface *Recordings by native Japanese speakers Japow! This product was made in Japan. ***************************************** WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ***************************************** Fans of quirky Japanese culture will enjoy the decidedly fun loving nature of this app. - AppAdvice ***************************************** STAY TUNED ***************************************** Follow @japowcocone for updates! ***************************************** UPDATES ON THE WAY *****************************************


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.3

Size: 11.16 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by COCONE

Day of release: 2011-09-6

Recommended age: 4+

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