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Applicable across multiple disciplines including business management, leadership, safety, health, environment, security, insurance, business continuity, ...

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Applicable across multiple disciplines including business management, leadership, safety, health, environment, security, insurance, business continuity, strategic analysis, financial risk, treasury management, compliance or something else entirely - if you are responsible for, or have an interest in understanding and improving the effectiveness of your risk management, this is an App for you. USING THIS APP Ideally the App should be used by an experienced risk practitioner; however we have designed this App to allow almost anyone to use it to produce insights regarding the quality of their risk management systems. You will however, need to have a copy of ISO 31000 nearby in order to get the best results. You can purchase ISO 31000 from http://www.iso.org or your local standards body. Further assistance in how to use this app can be found via our books as well as at www.jakeman.com.au or by contacting the authors at jbs.info@jakeman.com.au. JBS can also provide experienced consultants to assist you develop an effective risk management solution. INSTRUCTIONS The App is relatively straightforward to use and is aligned with Sections 3, 4 and 5 of ISO 31000. You will be asked to rank your organization (or your clients organizations) using a 10 point scale based on 'word pictures' (Eg: A score of '6' for example, is described as "Satisfies minimum requirements.” The App will ask you to describe specific EVIDENCE for your finding. Evidence can include items such as procedures and policies (we suggest you include details such as document numbers, revision date, etc), training records, interviews (name of person, date of interview, etc), incident reports (include numbers, etc) and any other relevant supporting data, etc. You will then have the option to document any FINDINGS. We recommend using a short statement based on the 4C model to describe the Condition (what you found), Criteria (what you should have found), Cause (why there is a difference) and the Consequence (what is the impact). Similarly, if you have any recommendations for improvement, you will have the option to add a RECOMMENDATION(S). The App will prompt you to use the 4A model to describe the following criteria: Actionable (what do we specifically have to do), Achievable (what is the end result which will tell us that it is done), Appropriate (does it address the root cause of the problem) and Agreed (who are the stakeholders/actionees and do they agree?). ASSESSED AREAS The App assesses 44 separate criteria which are aligned with Sections 3, 4 and 5 (Principles, Framework & Process) of ISO 31000. We have provided detail regarding what we believe the authors of ISO 31000 have intended. REPORTING The data is reported in a graphical format on the iPad so that you can quickly grasp the organizations relative strengths and weaknesses. The paid version also allows you to export the data to any email address as a spreadsheet which can be converted to a written report or more detailed graphs. A WORD OF CAUTION The App is designed as a decision support tool to provide consistent guidance for self-assessment. It is not intended to codify or prescribe specific elements so users should use their judgment accordingly. A risk management system can take many forms and vary in complexity depending on the organisation. Use your judgment and as ISO 31000 recommends, consider the context of the organization which you are assessing. CUSTOMISATION This App is based on Jakeman Business Solutions expertise in developing performance scorecards across a range of industries for small, medium and large organizations. It is a very simple app designed to provide a generic tool for control self-assessment to develop insights into your risk management systems. Please contact us via www.jakeman.com.au if you would like help with performance auditing or to develop an in-house App for your specific needs.


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