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What do you want to be when you grow up? JOC is a collection of 1,000+ jobs, occupations, and careers and allows any user to answer one of life's most ...

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What do you want to be when you grow up? JOC is a collection of 1,000+ jobs, occupations, and careers and allows any user to answer one of life's most important questions using over 20 criteria, based on your personal work interests and preferences, or by just browsing. I developed this app as a PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychologist for everyone to get more out of everyday work, and find their dream job. Without an internet connection, this app will tell you an incredible amount of information on over 1,000 JOCs including: average salary, common JOC descriptions, key tasks, and if matches your work interests and preferences! For over 400 JOCs, with an internet connection, you can even watch a video describing the JOC and showing it in action. You can even search full-text live to answer quick questions (e.g., how much does a veterinarian make?; how much preparation is required to become a nurse?; what type of hours does a psychologist make?; what JOCs list computer as a part of their description?). Find a JOC you like? Simply bookmark it for later. Want to send a JOC to a friend or family member? e-mail with the pertinent information automatically filled out, without ever leaving the app! Feeling down, and like you aren't ready for a new challenge? Read real life struggles of over 25 successful people. Looking for some interesting job tidbits? This app has 'em (e.g., what jobs are most often portrayed in the movies?) The following are just SOME of the many criteria that you can use to find your dream job EXTREMELY QUICKLY: ================================================================= Annual salary Video available Preparation required Hours worked per week Full-text search JOC title Full-text search JOC description Full-text search JOC major tasks Work preferences (including avoiding what you don't like) Work interests (including avoiding what you don't like) Expected growth Public Speaking Reading Writing Arithmetic Leadership Competition in work environment Interaction with other people Repetition Seriousness of error Decision Freedom Work pace Type of work schedule Importance of decisions made by position ================================================================= This app is UNIQUE because: it was written by a PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychologist; it is INTERACTIVE allowing you to go through HUNDREDS of JOCs in SECONDS; it provides DETAILED INFORMATION on a separate screen; it is INDIVIDUALIZED to YOUR preferences and interests; Findings can be SAVED and E-MAILED directly without ever leaving the app! *JOC videos require an active internet connection. App displays perfectly on iPad.


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