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Holy Scripture, Bible, The New World Translation. A lot of Languages, Fast search ( excluded names with accents ), Arabic translation with right-to-left ...

Discontinued App


Holy Scripture, Bible, The New World Translation. A lot of Languages, Fast search ( excluded names with accents ), Arabic translation with right-to-left content. Holy Scriptures - The New World Translation New 2013 release of English NWT supported. Offline version of the Bible. Internet connection is not required ( only first time, for downloading bible from site ) NEW: 2 languages splitter for teaching language Bookmarks and Notes was added listening Audio online and offline 1) References Bible 2) New settings view with new features 3) Night mode 4) History Back and Forward options 5) Navigation have new features 6) Optional 3 step or 2 step navigation (without verses choice) 7) Fastest search ( in references texts ) 8) Select color for highlighting bookmarks in Day and Night mode 9) Now you can open chapters for current book by pressing on the title, without books select. 10) Support button in settings 11) SongBook inside (will download from official site) 12) Save database in DropBox Account and a lot of new features... Available translations - Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese Simplified, English, Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Japaneese, German, Italian, Indonesian, Swahili, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Croatian, Greek, Afrikaans, Albanian, Chichewa, Cibemba, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Lingala, Malagasy, Maltese, Ossetian, Romanian, Serbian, Sesotho, Slovenian, Tumbuka, Xhosa, Zulu,Bulgarian,Georgian, Turkish, Slovak, Armenian, Arabic, Tagalog,Yoruba and some others... Prev version has bookmarks, notes, fast search and... 1) restore opened book and chapter when reopen application 2) size of translations zipped and has 1.5 Mb instead of 10 Mb before 3) fastest search, speed up to 10x ! (unfortunately names with accent not looking yet) 4) when downloading freeze, this exception error and you can redownload again, also, you can cancel download 5) On devices with iOS >= 5.0 you can change brightness 6) new book title page with splitting books 7) correct arabic support, for right-to-left text alignment 8) support devices - iPod/iPhone w/wo retina, iPad w/wo retina, iPad mini. Minimum support for iOS 4.3 but best from 5.0 Twice tap on the screen to hide bottom panel. Touch with two fingers, to showing all books for choices book and chapter TODO: More more more new features in next releases. The contract of a public offer: http://jwbible.chepil.info/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24 *** If you have crash with application after update, please, delete application and install it again from AppStore, It will help you. Dear users! I can't answer you via AppStore feedbacks. If you have a trouble, or If you need help, please, use support forum http://jwbible.chepil.info ***


Technical specifications

Version: 2.8.2

Size: 248.05 KB


Price: 0,79 €

Developed by chepil

Day of release: 2012-12-13

Recommended age: 4+

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