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Herd is the most Fully-Featured, Sleek & Simple 3rd Party YikYak Application for Windows Phone 8.1. Keep up with the local buzz or 'Peek' ...

Discontinued App

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Herd is the most Fully-Featured, Sleek & Simple 3rd Party YikYak Application for Windows Phone 8.1. Keep up with the local buzz or 'Peek' in on what topics are trending in other cities and on other college campuses. Vote, Post, and Reply anonymously to take part in the conversation with other YikYak users. Herd is feature rich, giving you the ability to: * View local messages (or "Yaks") * Post Yaks of your own! * Reply to, and Vote on Yaks * "Peek" in on other cities' or campuses' Yaks and save those locations for later * Save and Manage your own custom Peek Locations * Get notified when there is buzz surrounding your yaks or comments * Share your favorite Yaks with friends, just like you would on Android/iOS * Share your "YikYak Famous" Yaks & Comments Additionally, Herd has some nifty features of its own, like: * TravelMode - Spring Break? Weekend Trip? Don't Worry, Herd has you covered! Store your last-location so you can keep up on the YikYak action even while you are away. * Auto-Suggest BETA - Don't worry if you forget to tell Herd that you are travelling, it'll keep track for you. Currently a feature in BETA, Herd will periodically monitor if you have left your normal location and suggest to enable TravelMode for you. * Auto-Notifier - While Herd can't receive Push Notifications from YikYak, it does schedule to check in on your notifications periodically to make sure you are up-to-date. * Theming BETA - Now you can select from pre-made themes to enhance your Herd experience. Choose from the original YikYak theme (made to fit the Windows Phone design language) or try something with a different personality! * Yak Searching - Too many yaks in your feed, or you want to see what's the buzz around a particular topic in a Peek Location? Search through currently visible Yaks to get right to the content you want even faster. * ID Persistence & Swapping - YikYak assigns users randomized IDs. Herd's IDs will remain the same between un/installs, so you can keep on Yakking! Further, if your ID (for whatever reason) stops 'working', you can generate a new persistent ID on-the-fly and start fresh. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The developer of this app (Herd) is in no way affiliated with YikYak, Inc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Technical specifications

Version: 2015.428.2116.5

Size: 17.04 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by CycloneApps

Day of release: 2015-03-14

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