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Authored by a Veteran Japanese instructor, JapanCount is a fun way to learn how to count a variety of objects in Japanese through interactive study, drills, ...

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Authored by a Veteran Japanese instructor, JapanCount is a fun way to learn how to count a variety of objects in Japanese through interactive study, drills, games, and quizzes. The way one counts in Japanese is determined by the type of object that one is counting. This is similar to how native English-speakers would say "one pair of pants," not just "one pants." For students of Japanese, the various methods of counting are often referred to as "counters." In Japanese, these counters are called josuushi ( 助数詞 じょすうし) The app includes a variety of methods to study, learn the correct kanji, the correct reading, and the correct way to use 23 different counters. One has many options to customize how the app works to meet one's needs. Options include selecting Which counters to learn Hiragana, kanji, or romaji Audio on or off The number of questions on a quiz Whether to go from Japanese to English or vice versa Etc. Steps to counting success: 1. Learn what counter (ending) is used for what type of object 2. Practice how the counter is read with each number in front of it (including any phonetic or spelling changes) 3. Learn to read and write the kanji for each counter Recommended use of app . . . 1. Start of slowly and then add more and more counters. To begin, pick a counter or two to learn. You might want to start with the counters that are the most common and are marked with asterisks or the first two counters you will be responsible for in your Japanese class, which will depend on the teacher and the textbook. 2. Practice the counters in order using the flashcards. Become familiar with the pictures of objects that are counted with the given counter. Repeat aloud as you hear each flashcard. 3. Play the game Sort It with the counters you are learning and practice separating the objects according to which counter is used with it. 4. Practice the counters in order using The Wheel of Counters with audio on. Remember to notice and commit to memory the small changes that happen with each counter. For example, when there is a one in front of a counter, the one may be pronounced ichi, i, or hito. The more counters you learn, he easier memorizing these changes will become because some patterns will develop. 5. Practice with Shuffled Flashcards. Go in both directions, Japanese to English and English to Japanese. 6. Play the game Feed Me and feed the ogre the correct number of the type of object he wants to eat. When you are pretty comfortable with the counter, you can turn the writing off and depend on your audio skills to feed him what he wants. 7. Be sure to quiz yourself. Set up the parameters that you want. Test your skills at picking the correct counter, the kanji reading, writing the Japanese, picking the best translation, or rolling the wheel to the counter that you hear. Customize the quizzes to work on the area that you would like to improve. HAVE FUN AND GANBATTE KUDASAI! Japan Count author Michelle Haney Brown has released a japanese instruction book for children : 'My First Book of Japanese Words: An ABC Rhyming Book'. It is available on amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/My-First-Book-Japanese-Words/dp/4805312017 Get additional information on Michelle Haney Brown's website here: http://www.japanthink.com


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