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Goal: Learn a wide range of Japanese vocabulary, for beginners and experts + All in One (dictionary, grammar rules, ...) Everything is built in, you ...

Discontinued App


Goal: Learn a wide range of Japanese vocabulary, for beginners and experts + All in One (dictionary, grammar rules, ...) Everything is built in, you won't need an internet connexion. Flashcards learning system:  _ A state-of-the-art flashcard learning system (a.k.a space repetition system "SRS")  _ Learn and remember kanas, words, and kanjis.  _ Learning statistics  _ An achievements system rewards you when you learn and encourages you along the road.  _ Learn how to draw kanjis or by meaning / reading / occurrences in common words  _ Available lists : kanas, JLPT for words and kanjis, popular audio and grammar books and yojijukugo.  _ No xml file to upload, ... everything works fine out of the box !  _ The flashcard learning algorithm is designed to make you learn hundreds then thousands of japanese words, progressively, by working a dozen of minutes a day. The key of the method is to ask you questions on words and kanjis that you don't know until you know them, and to ask you questions less frequently on words that you already know well. This method is well tested and has been proved to deliver and make you learn amazing loads.  English-Japanese dictionary: _ Top notch English - Japanese dictionary with 200,000+ entries _ Search by romaji, kanji, kanas, English... _ Example sentences _ Kanji breakdown _ Easy navigation _ Conjugated forms _ Bookmarks _ You can contribute to translations Kanji dictionary: _ Meaning _ Keys _ Related kanjis _ Common words that include the kanji _ Real time kana and kanji drawing _ Scrape book to practice the drawing Misc: _ Grammar cheat sheets _ Hiragana and katakana cheat sheets _ You can contribute and propose a translation from within the app. _ More to come! Lite : _ Save money ! Several features are limited but the limits are pretty high. This lite version let's you have a sneak peak into the pro version for free or lets you save money : pay only to unlock your favorite features ! ---------- Support You can see a detailed FAQ here: http://www.bleezworld.com/learn-languages/japanese/support. It is also an excellent place to suggest new functionalities or contact us by email. Emails are answered in 24 hours, our users are our top priority.


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