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Japanese Core Intermediate 1000 [Update History] ・Ver 1.2 11/17/11 ・Ver 1.1 9/27/11 ・Ver 1.0 8/9/11 ---Note--- This application does not ...

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Japanese Core Intermediate 1000 [Update History] ・Ver 1.2 11/17/11 ・Ver 1.1 9/27/11 ・Ver 1.0 8/9/11 ---Note--- This application does not synch with the iKnow! site. ----------- ・・・New from iKnow!・・・ Learn Japanese with the new iKnow! Japanese Core apps. Carefully selected words and phrases are combined with audio, sentences, and images to create an effortless learning experience. Build your vocabulary and carry thousands of fundamental words and sentences with you everywhere you go. This app doesn't require an internet connection, so you can study anywhere and at any time. 【Content】 The Japanese Core Intermediate 1000 app features the 2nd 1000 most commonly used words in Japanese. To learn the first 1000 words, check out the Japanese Core Beginner 1000 app.  【Menu】 ・Study: study words and phrases with audio, sentences and images, then get quizzed after your review session ・Test: you can choose from the four test patterns to best suit your needs ・Game: pick and flick an image that matches the context of the sentence you hear 【How to Use】 1. Start learning by tapping "Auto Select" from the "STUDY" screen. 2. After you review 10 words/phrases, the quiz session starts. 3.After you answer two questions correctly for each item, your study session is done. 4. You can bookmark words to study later. 5. The TEST mode allows you to check your vocabulary progress after a few study sessions. 6. You can also practice your listening skills in GAME mode. 【Features】 ・Carefully selected images, practical sentences, and native audio recordings for all words and sentences ・A variety of quiz types including spell tests ・Game function ・Bookmark function ・Auto Select function ・Retina display supported


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