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Japanese English Dictionary is our comprehensive Japanese English dictionary. Our dictionary comes with all the Japanese & English words your looking ...

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Japanese English Dictionary is our comprehensive Japanese English dictionary. Our dictionary comes with all the Japanese & English words your looking for, it is bundled with thousands of Japanese/English examples for you to study with, and it also includes a full English Dictionary & Thesaurus. It is an extremely convenient and easy to use Dictionary. For example, with our word jump feature you can tap on any word you see in the examples to jump immediately to it, Japanese or English, no need to search for the word. Then you can tap the back button and continue from where you left off. You can search for your words using kanji, hiragana, katakana, romaji, English, German, French and Russian. It also has the following extra features: * all in one, multi-language search bar * search results appear as you type using our fast index * searching for hiragana will also match the corresponding katakana and voiced consonants as in quality paperback Japanese dictionaries * scrollable search result word list * resizeable, zoomable word description view * remembers your last word on close * save your words for future study * email your saved words to yourself for study or collection * delete all saved words option * word history * word jump - tap on any word in the data view to see its detailed description * English pronunciation key * English speech - tap on the pronunciation key to hear it * Thousands of Japanese/English examples * Integrated web search/dictionary contents Japanese Dictionary comes with nine different data dictionaries all built upon the fantastic JMDict (edict) and wordnet projects, These dictionaries contain the following word entry counts English - Japanese: 143035 Japanese - English: 247645 German - Japanese: 102853 Japanese - German: 141242 French - Japanese: 19367 Japanese - French: 31559 Russian - Japanese: 8281 Japanese - Russian: 13643 English - English Dictionary: 87379 ATTENTION: To use the dictionary, all you need to do is start typing a word in the search bar in any language and it will search in all the dictionaries. Please note that German, French and Russian are disabled by default for performance. They can be enabled in the options menu which you can access by clicking on the settings button. Also please note, the French and Russian data in edict is not as extensive as the English, German data so you won't get as much detail for these languages.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.2

Size: 74.43 MB


Price: 4,46 €

Developed by Cole Zhu Inc.

Day of release: 2008-10-7

Recommended age: 17+

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