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Japanese Kimono-Girl 1(LITE)

★This is "Japanese Kimono-Girl 1(LITE)". ■What's Suzanne Kimono Collection "SHY"? It is a Kimono brand of Nishizen Shoji co., ltd. and is produced by ...

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★This is "Japanese Kimono-Girl 1(LITE)". ■What's Suzanne Kimono Collection "SHY"? It is a Kimono brand of Nishizen Shoji co., ltd. and is produced by Suzanne who is one of most admired entertainer and fashion model in Japan. ★"Japanese Kimono-Girl 1(pay edition)" ・Coming of age Ceremony vol.1 (22 photographs) ・Coming of age Ceremony vol.2 (15 photographs) ・Graduation Ceremony (30 photographs) ・Wedding (8 photographs) ---TOTAL / 75 photographs - Passing the tradition down from generation to generation - There is a word "Kan-Kon-So-Sai" which means four ceremonial occasions, - Kan used to mean "Coming of age ceremony" and now talks about several festival such as school entrance and graduation ceremony, Kon means bridal including "Ceremonial exchange of engagement gifts" and "wedding party", So means funeral, and Sai means traditional bon festival. These ceremonies are very special to all Japanese since old years. Our Kimonos that we've been delivering over half a century are passing the tradition of "Kan" and "Kon" down from generation to generation. - We always have new point of view for our customers - We offer "the catalog design", "the support of sales promotion", "the system construction of distribution", and "the rental service", and develop the business plans to take benefits for both the customers and us. We research today's market needs and add a little bit of new taste into the tradition of Kimono. And we will deliver our commodities to the next generation. "We make the tradition in the future" ■Suzanne Name:Sae Yamamoto Birthday:28 October, 1986 Birthplace:Kumamoto, Japan BWH:85-59-88 cm at 166 cm tall, (Shoe size: 24 cm) Hobby:Singing, Walking, Motorcycling, Reading Special skill:Baton twirling ■Nishizen Shoji co., ltd. Headquarters:398 Tenjin-Cho, Ainomachi-Dori Kamijuzuya-Cho Agaru, Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan, 600-8184 TEL:+81-75-341-9181 FAX:+81-75-361-7788 Establishment:5 September, 1948 Establishment:5 April, 1961 Representative:The company executive Mr. Nobukazu Nishijima Business:Manufacturing and distributing of bridal kimonos Contents planed and produced by: TOMO MUSIC,INC. Co-operated by: Nishizen Shoji co., ltd. K DASH Stage Co., Ltd. SANKO Corporation.


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