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Jataka Tales Bird Stories

150 Screens/English/full color comic book (Enjoy both Page and Panel views) JATAKA TALES - BIRD STORIES Gautama was born a prince, over 2500 years ago ...

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150 Screens/English/full color comic book (Enjoy both Page and Panel views) JATAKA TALES - BIRD STORIES Gautama was born a prince, over 2500 years ago in Lumbini, in the northern part of India. He left the comfortable life of the palace, his young wife and infant son, to go in search of true knowledge. After a life of wander, austerities and meditation, he became Buddha ('the Enlightened one'). Buddha taught compassion, non-violence and the need for right conduct in life. His teachings spread far and wide even outside India, in China and Southeast Asia. The 'Jataka' (Birth-cycle) tales narrate the stories related to the 'seekers of truth' - those who wish to follow the path of Buddha. Of the 550 Jatakas that form the canon, many are about both animals and humans. The stories were originally were compiled in the Pali language. In Bird Stories, there is a hawk couple whose fledglings, in danger from hunters, are saved by their animal and bird friends. A greedy woman plucks out all feathers of a golden swan against his will and loses all the bounty. A king crow's loyal mate bringing food for the queen crow, is caught but rewarded for his loyalty. Greed brings grief - to a bird that keeps away his flock from carts of grains, or to the crow that wants to have a go at a fried fish in the kitchen of the pigeon-friend's master. About Amar Chitra Katha(ACK-Media): ACK-Media is India's leading entertainment and education company for young audiences. ACK has enthralled generations of readers for the last four decades with over 600 + Indian mythology tales with over 90 million titles sold worldwide. ACK has partnered with iRemedi in bringing the timeless classics to the iPhone and iPod community. About iRemedi: iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA is a proprietary mobile content delivery technology that provides revolutionary touch media viewing. iRemedi works with rich content publishers to bring their rich content to the mobile community. Enjoy full color high-resolution art and story in an award winning and intuitive user interface. App features: - Page or Panel views Page numbers tracking - Slider for fast page navigation in forward or reverse - Over 7 color backgrounds - Option to frame and curl pages for a book feel - Intuitive slideshow with interval settings for paced reading - Both landscape or portrait views - Zoom as required to explore art. Double Tap to zoom or unzoom. Pan as required at any level of zoom. - Full web-browsing of ACK and ETHERMEDIA sites, Social networking pages of ETHERMEDIA on Twitter, Facebook and blog - In App graphic help * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPECIAL SALE EVENT: - BUDDHA TRIPLE DIGEST - GITA+TALES OF ARJUNA DOUBLE DIGEST - ALL TINKLE TITLES AT HALF PRICE TO INDIAN MYTHOLOGY ONES New Releases: - Gumby Comics, Mother Teresa comic book, Jataka Tales Jacka Tales, Folk Tales of China All Time Favorites - Buddha - Mahabharata - Folk Tales - Krishna - Ganesha - Dashavatar - Tales of Shiva Other TINKLE Collections: - Suppandi - Shikari Shambu - Anu Club Other Comics: TRIBORO TALES - "An Eclectic-slice-of-life-look at love in the millenia. A NewYork-urban dramedy in a modified Manga artstyle that keeps you engrossed." Other iRemedi Games: PICZEE PRO - A Cool and Fun Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Other products from ACK: eComics to Audiobooks at http://www.amarchitrakatha.com * * * * * *


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