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‘Allows people to Explore your jewelry flyers’ Jewelry Flyers app is a fast and fun way to •Add flyers •Browse flyers •Share flyers •Engage audience ...

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‘Allows people to Explore your jewelry flyers’ Jewelry Flyers app is a fast and fun way to •Add flyers •Browse flyers •Share flyers •Engage audience at its best! Get instant access to any jewelry information from one of your favorite merchant, online or offline. Posting flyers all around your neighborhood to gain customers were the early days of marketing that nobody shows interest in this smart era of business. With our App, you can promote your jewelry products using your iPad, iPhone and iPod without investing much of your precious time and money in distributing flyers like early days. With the help of our user-friendly web Catalog Library, you can create catalog, upload your flyers and related items with their specific details. It will take few quick moments to view your personalized catalog on iPad, iPhone and iPod after publishing it from the Catalog Library (Web Based Control Panel). Give your sales agents/ customers access to your jewelry catalogs so that they can get back to you with orders. -Create Multiple Flyers Create multiple flyers to organize your jewelry products along with their details, and set individual markup prices for different agents. -Innovative Flyers Presentation Experience the jewelry products in an innovative way with page book pages flip effect, using your iPad, iPhone and iPod. -Related Information Add related information of each flyer in the catalog with the help of CSV file (Comma Separated Values). - Easy to Configure Follow easy steps to configure and use the app. Get Started 1.Download Jewelry Flyers App. 2.Register from App itself 3.Upload the flyers information from web Catalog Library 4.Synchronize to your iPad, iPhone and iPod. Salient features of Jewelry Flyers App •Browse your Jewelry flyers at a go •Unsubscribe from printed flyers with papers •Easy customizable flyers •User-friendly web based Catalog Library support •Authenticated access to your flyers •Instant flyers updates •Global customer reach •Compatible with online and offline mode •Share with friends, affiliates and other users •Promote your jewelry flyers smartly •Be the first to get updates of publishing new catalog from one of your favorite merchant.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 13.04 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Qualdev Inc.

Day of release: 2013-05-7

Recommended age: 4+

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