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Jim Jackson

Download Jim Jackson`s app if you`re ready to be part of a winning team, if you`re ready for your business to thrive, and if you`re ...

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Download Jim Jackson’s app if you’re ready to be part of a winning team, if you’re ready for your business to thrive, and if you’re ready to improve your personal life and business life. Jim Jackson has over 30 years of coaching individuals, professional sports teams, 'Mom & Pop' and Fortune 500 businesses. Jim has coached one-on-one and has spoken to groups of thousands. Jim’s specialties include goal setting, leadership, team building, sales performance, and motivation. Jim is also known for his entertaining, yet powerful, Harley Attitude sales motivation keynote. Jim has published several books including The Power to Change: You Always Have a Choice; Cool Conversations, Valuable Insights on Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, Goal Setting, and Business Growth; and, Breathe: Seven Keys to Prosper in Any Economy. Download this app and you'll get connected to exciting and informative blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, monthly conference calls or newsletters, videos, and resources. http://www.jimjacksonlive.com


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