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Job Planner is an application that allows you to create and organize "Jobs" on your iPhone/iPod Touch! Whether you're a tradesman who needs to go fix ...

Discontinued App


Job Planner is an application that allows you to create and organize "Jobs" on your iPhone/iPod Touch! Whether you're a tradesman who needs to go fix something at someone's house, an entrepreneur shipping out orders and keeping tabs on upcoming meetings, Job Planner is for you! If you have things you need to do, you can use Job Planner for all of them! Things Job Planner allows you to keep track of about a Job: 1. The name of the Job. 2. The Contact for whom you are doing it. 3. The Contact's Phone number. 4. The Contact's Email address. 5. The complete address of job/contact broken down into 4 subfields. 6. The starting date of job. 7. The starting time of job. 8. The deadline date of job. 9. The deadline time of job. 10. Priority of job (red, green, or blue indicator). 11. Additional notes on the job. 12. Due date of payment. 19. Amount owed for the job. 20. Coming in the next update (already waiting for Apple's approval):: Sublist to add the Job to. Features: 1. Job planner is fully integrated with the rest of iPhone OS! You can call and email your Job Contact from within the app as well as import contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses from AddressBook instead of actually having to type them in. 2. Job Planner logs all of your past jobs and contacts, storing them in a table so that you don't have to type the same job in over and over. 3. During the creation of this app, I intended to create a tool that uses the software keyboard as little as possible and I have definitely succeeded. Every field except the Notes field has an alternative method of data input that makes it so you don't have to type. 4. In addition to organizing the table automatically, this app fully supports manual arrangement of your jobs. 5. Each job is presented in a table of all jobs, each showing their name, contact, priority, and either the starting date and time or the deadline date and time depending on which you would like. 6. The navigation interface is completely customizable as far as color by means of 3 RGB sliders. Make it look however you want! 7. Keep track of what you are owed! if the deadline date for payment is passed the current date, the field with the amount owed is turned red. if you select "received" from the picker, it will turn the field green. This allows you to keep tabs on when payments are overdue and then finally paid. 8. New in 1.1! Now supports multiple lists of jobs for a considerable amount of control over organization. Now you can separate your work from your play, your critical from your trivial, and have complete control over how you want to organize your jobs! Practicality, user-friendliness, and overall elegance and beauty all meet in Job Planner to give you the best user experience possible!


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Version: 1.1

Size: 236.73 KB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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