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Learn how to master the salary negotiation process to get the salary you deserve! Whether you are negotiating a starting compensation package or a salary ...

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Learn how to master the salary negotiation process to get the salary you deserve! Whether you are negotiating a starting compensation package or a salary raise, this app teaches you how to get what you want without coming across as greedy or aggressive. Jobjuice job interview preparation and business reference tools are used by thousands of top MBAs and business professionals around the world. The Jobjuice Salary Negotiation App complements the Jobjuice Marketing and Finance & IB apps by providing powerful tips and techniques to successfully navigate all stages of the job seeking and salary negotiating process and get you to the job and salary you want! The App teaches you how to: - Plan a sound salary negotiation strategy - Understand the employer’s mindset in a negotiation - Identify elements that give you power as a negotiator - Know when and how to tackle issues - Master an extensive array of closing and negotiation techniques - Negotiate effectively and in a professional manner - Become more valuable to your employer or prospective employer - Get to a yes without coming across as greedy or too aggressive - Raise your salary! The app was specially developed for MBAs and top business professionals in partnership with Roger Dawson, world renowned negotiation expert, and provides a wealth of proven advice and tools to help you become a powerful salary negotiator. The Jobjuice Salary Negotiation App provides vast amounts of practical and highly effective closing and negotiating strategies in over 80 intuitively laid out, color coded and cross referenced cards that allow preparation for important interviews and reviews anytime, anywhere. CONTENTS: Getting the Interview Stages of Getting the Offer Preparing Your Resume Your Resume: Do’s Your Resume: Don’ts The Electronic/ Scannable Resume Cover Letters The Job Market Finding a Job Opening Networking Getting the Offer Preparing for the Interview Gathering Information 3 Key Requirements Categories and Stories Rehearse Tough Q&As Impressing the Interviewer Stressing Skills How to Stand Out Tackling Problem Issues Avoid Discussing Money Handling Money Issues After the Interview Responding How Much to Ask for Negotiable Factors Setting the Stage Offering Added Value Enhancing Perceived Value Leaving Your Current Job Closing Tactics Tugboat Close Paddock Close You Can Afford It Close Leave Them Alone Close Silent Close Ben Franklin Close Puppy Dog Close Let Them Think Close Divide and Conquer Close Vince Lombardi Close Subject -To Close Minor Point Close Positive Assumption Close Return Serve Close Alternate Choice Close Take Control Close Dumb Mistake Close That Wouldn’t Stop You Close Final Objection Close Doorknob Close Recall Close Getting a Raise Power From Options Make Yourself Indispensable Trade Off Magic Personal Power Factors Negotiate Only With QB Anticipate Objections Concentrate on the Issues Time Pressure Power Information Power Walk Away Power A Strategy Game Ask for More Bracketing Don ’t Agree to First Proposal Flinching Avoid Confrontation Reluctant Applicant The Vise Gambit The Higher Authority Don ’t Split the Difference Avoid their Problems Trading Off Good Guy Bad Guy Tapering Down Concessions Handling an Impasse Handling a Stalemate Handling a Deadlock Positioning Nibbling Getting to Win – Win


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Version: 2.1

Size: 9.01 MB


Price: 12,70 €

Developed by LLC

Day of release: 2011-02-22

Recommended age: 4+

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