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John Donne (1572-1631) was an English poet, preacher and a major representative of the metaphysical poets of the period. His works are notable for their ...

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John Donne (1572-1631) was an English poet, preacher and a major representative of the metaphysical poets of the period. His works are notable for their realistic and sensual style and include sonnets, love poetry, religious poems, Latin translations, epigrams, elegies, songs, satires and sermons. Despite his great education and poetic talents, he lived in poverty for several years, relying heavily on wealthy friends. John Donne Books provides the works of John Donne as listed below: A Dialogue Between Sir Henry Wotton and Mr. Donne A Fever A Jet Ring Sent A Lecture upon the Shadow A Nocturnal upon Saint Lucy's Day A Valediction Forbidding Mourning A Valediction of my Name, in the Window A Valediction of Weeping Air and Angels Another of the Same Batter My Heart Break of Day Community Confined Love Death's Duel Death, Be Not Proud Elegy I: Jealousy Elegy II: The Anagram Elegy III: Change Elegy IV: The Perfume Elegy IX: The Autumnal Elegy V: His Picture Elegy VI Elegy VII Elegy VIII: The Comparison Elegy X: The Dream Elegy XI: The Bracelet Elegy XII Elegy XIII: His Parting From Her Elegy XIV: Julia Elegy XIX Elegy XV: A Tale of a Citizen And His Wife Elegy XVI: The Expostulation Elegy XVII: On His Mistress Elegy XVIII Elegy XX: To His Mistress Going to Bed Farewell to Love Love's Alchemy Love's Deity Love's Diet Love's Exchange Love's Growth Love's Usury Lovers' Infiniteness Meditation I Meditation II Meditation III Meditation IV Meditation IX Meditation V Meditation VI Meditation VII Meditation VIII Meditation X Meditation XI Meditation XII Meditation XIII Meditation XIV Meditation XIX Meditation XV Meditation XVI Meditation XVII Meditation XVIII Meditation XX Meditation XXI Meditation XXII Meditation XXIII Negative Love Satire 1 Satire 2 Satire 3 Satire 4 Satire 5 Self-Love Song : Go and catch a falling star Song : Sweetest love, I do not go Song: Soul's joy, now I am gone The Anniversary The Bait The Blossom The Broken Heart The Canonization The Computation The Curse The Damp The Dissolution The Dream The Ecstasy The Expiration The Flea The Funeral The Good-Morrow The Indifferent The Legacy The Message The Paradox The Primrose The Prohibition The Sun Rising The Token The Triple Fool The Undertaking The Will Twickenham Garden Valediction to his Book Witchcraft by a Picture Woman's Constancy Powerful reader is also provided. You can adjust the size and color of the font as well as the background color. Night reading mode (dark mode) and highlight mode are also provided to make it suitable for reading at nights or when it is dark. When turning pages, the only thing you need to do is to simply slide your fingers. The page you were last reading will be automatically recorded and a bookmark can be inserted to anywhere you like. Also, you can write reading notes regarding to certain contents. In addition, an English dictionary is attached to the book for your word query at any time.


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