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A small subset of the paid Johnny Winter app. I love my iPad app! It contains the most detailed breakdown of my playing style that I have ever seen. --Johnny ...

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A small subset of the paid Johnny Winter app. I love my iPad app! It contains the most detailed breakdown of my playing style that I have ever seen. --Johnny Winter NOTE: If you're having trouble hearing the sound, check the Mute switch on your iPad. We honor it. See a sample of the illustrated mini-book that lets you learn all about the life and music of Johnny Winter through text & audio clips of Johnny sharing thoughts and experiences. Then learn some of Winter's blues licks, riffs, and turnarounds, played by the master himself. Explore Johnny's blues vocabulary on standard electric, slide, and National Steel guitar. Learn the licks through animated sheet music that features high-quality audio and text commentary for each one. You can slow down the music to ¾ or ½ speeds to help you learn it. Loop over any portion of a piece or an entire piece. All of the audio licks are recorded by Johnny Winter himself, with Paul Nelson on rhythm guitar and Dave Rubin on bass. Also features a sample instructional video showing Johnny demonstrating his signature styles and techniques. These guitar parts are then broken down and taught note-by-note by master blues teacher Al Ek. Included videos cover a Texas Shuffle demo video. You can also stream a selected YouTube video featuring Johnny or members of the band. Note: Charges for the purchase of this app are levied by G-Men Productions and not by YouTube. YouTube does not charge users for accessing videos on YouTube. A visual Discography displaying many of Johnny’s albums with information about each one. Other videos available for purchase and download (iOS 6 and above only): Assorted Slow Blues – B.B. King-style – Chuck Berry-style Gatemouth Boogie – Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited-style Jimmy Reed-style – Muddy Waters-style – National Slow Blues Rockin’ the Blues – T-Bone Walker-style – A Winter Slide Tune FEATURES: • 5 riffs or codas of varying lengths • Audio with text commentary for each riff • Notes and tab, with animation, shows you what to play for each riff • Slow down each piece, without changing its pitch, to ¾ or ½ speed to help you learn it • Loop over any portion of a piece or the entire piece (regular speed or slowed down) • Share your progress on social media or message (iOS 6+) • A sample of the illustrated mini-book about the life and music of Johnny Winter featuring audio clips of Johnny • A selected discography of Johnny’s recordings during his stellar career • 1 partial video of Johnny playing and Al Ek teaching you how to play it note-by-note (The music covered in the video is different from the animated sheet music.) • The ability to purchase additional note-by-note videos (for iOS 6 and above) and riffs • Everything is included; no Wi-Fi or cell streaming is required except to play YouTube videos or download purchases • The ability to purchase all of the content in the paid version ADDITIONAL FEATURES IN THE PAID VERSION: • 32 more animated licks, codas, and entire solos with text commentary for each one • Additional illustrated lesson pages in the music book • The entire illustrated mini-book featuring audio of Johnny sharing thoughts & experiences • Videos covering Johnny's Equipment, Elmore James’ style and a Texas Shuffle (over 57 min) • 27 additional YouTube videos you can watch from within the app • A built-in tuner with clickable strings to help you tune your guitar This app was produced by Cherry Lane Music Company, a leader in music instruction, and by G-Men Productions.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 483.8 MB


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Developed by G-Men Productions

Day of release: 2013-01-4

Recommended age: 12+

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