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Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

"Julius Caesar" is based on true events which concern the conspiracy against Julius Caesar, his assassination in 44 BC, and its immediate aftermath. It ...

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"Julius Caesar" is based on true events which concern the conspiracy against Julius Caesar, his assassination in 44 BC, and its immediate aftermath. It is the story of the tragic downfall of Julius Caesar and of those who conspire against him. At the beginning of the play it is feared that Julius Caesar wishes to make himself the King and thus dictator of Rome. From this fear, a plan to kill him is hatched. The play is set in a period of political instability in Rome. The people of Rome celebrate Caesar victory over Pompey, their former leader. However, there are officials that are concerned about Caesar's growing power. The Romans are aware that absolute power is open to abuse. Among those concerned about the growing power of Caesar are Cassius and Brutus, who are both followers of Caesar. Cassius persuades Brutus that something needs to be done to thwart Caesar's growing ambitions. Brutus has a problem with his conscience but ultimately decides that it is in the best interests of Rome that Caesar is eliminated. Caesar receives warnings about the impending danger. Caesar, however, dismisses the warnings. When Caesar is due to go to be crowned, warnings in the form of storms, bad omens and his wife's horrible dreams initially persuade Caesar to stay at home. However, Caesar decides to go after being advised that if he did not show up, Senators might change their minds about crowning him emperor. On entering the capitol, the conspirators stab Caesar to death. Recounting the death of Caesar on the steps of the Senate house, the play offers some of Shakespeare's finest scenes: Antony's skillful speech at Caesar's funeral, and the quarrel and reconciliation between Brutus and Cassius with the news of Portia's death. Some of Shakespeare's most memorable lines can be found here in what is considered by many to be one of the greatest tragedies ever written. The most famous of Shakespeare's Roman tragedies, Julius Caesar was written and first performed in 1599. It is also among the first of Shakespeare’s plays to be performed at the Globe Theater. It is the first of three Roman history plays that Shakespeare wrote. Julius Caesar is one of his best-known dramas and has received innumerable performances throughout the centuries. This audio book application contains audio files for all chapters in one download, so you can listen to the book on the go without the need for an internet connection. Hence the application size is a little big, and you may need to download it over WiFi connection or through iTunes on your PC or Mac. Audio Book Features ==> - Pause/resume function - Track progress slider - Volume slider - Easy navigation - Audio continues to play when your device is locked. - Offline viewing and listening without internet connection If you like this audio book, please check out other great audio books at www.awaudiobooks.com! *** On Sale Now! (Normal price $2.99) ***


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