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You`ll go app for JungleSpeak! Roar! Howl. Hoot. Growl! With JungleSpeak, our new animal kingdom app for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you`ll ...

Discontinued App


You’ll go app for JungleSpeak! Roar! Howl. Hoot. Growl! With JungleSpeak, our new animal kingdom app for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you’ll be king or queen of jungle sounds in no time! The JungleSpeak app is based on Gale’s acclaimed Grzimek’s Animal Life, and includes animal sounds and videos, the ability to digitally color animal pictures, and the inclusion of detailed animal descriptions and quick facts. *** Features *** * Animal Sounds: Swipe through the animals to hear all of their unique calls, tweets, and roars. * Images: Get full use of the iOS 4 Retina Display with beautiful wildlife images. * Coloring Pages: Color your favorite animals and E-mail them to friends and family. The coloring pages come with a complete palate of colors and different brush sizes. Shake to erase! * Fun Facts: Learn more about your favorite wild animals. Click the “Fun Facts” box to view the different fun facts available for each. Scroll down to view even more animal facts. * Educational Videos: Includes two colorful videos provided by SeaWorld/Busch Gardens. * Get started with 12 free animals, including (Bear, Canada Goose, Chimpanzee, Cow, Crow, Elephant, Frog, Killer Whale, Lion, Robin, Sparrow, and Wolf). *** In App Purchases *** * Mammals and More: Includes 25 more animal images, sounds, coloring pages and Fun Facts -- featuring six new videos . Animals include (Alligator, Bat, Camel, Cheetah, Cougar, Coyote, Dolphin, Giant Anteater, Gibbon, Gorilla, Hippopotamus, Jaguar, Koala, Leopard, Moose, Pig, Raccoon, Reindeer, Rhinoceros, Sea Lion, Seal, Squirrel, Tiger, Toad, and Walrus). * Birds: Includes 35 more birds, each with its own image, sound, coloring page, and Fun Facts -- featuring two bird videos. Birds include (Bald Eagle, Baltimore Oriole, Bittern, Black Tern, Blackbird, Blue Jay, Bluebird, Cardinal, Catbird, Cuckoo, Curlew, Dove, Duck, Evening Grosbeak, Falcon, Flycatcher, Goldfinch, Goshawk, Herring Gull, Lark, Loon, Mockingbird, Nighthawk, Northern Flicker, Owl, Partridge, Penguin, Purple Finch, Raven, Red-crowned Crane, Thrasher, Toucan, Warbler, and Wren).


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Version: 1.1

Size: 24.76 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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