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FEATURED ON LITIGATIONTECH.COM, LAW.COM, LEGAL PRODUCTIVITY, THEMACLAWER.COM, PLAINTIFF MAGAZINE, AND OTHERS. JuryPad is the leading jury selection app that is designed and tested by real, practicing lawyers to organize jury selection, evaluate jurors, conduct voir dire, and to choose a better jury. ___________________________________________________________ ❝[O]ne of the cleanest and most efficient apps available for voir dire (jury selection). It features a very simple interface, which is crucial during voir dire.❞ ~ Ted Brooks, Nationally-Recognized Legal Technologist & Trial Consultant ❝If you are a trial lawyer who regularly works with juries, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this fantastic easy to learn and easy to use app.❞ ~ Ben Stevens, The Mac Lawyer ❝This iPad app was a contender for use by us during trial.❞ ~ Plaintiff Magazine ___________________________________________________________ SOME OF JURYPAD’S MANY FEATURES: ▶ Simple Interface to Add & to Edit Unlimited Trials & Jurors ▶ Detailed Background Information on Each Juror ▶ Tap to Rate Jurors on a Customizable Scale of 1 to 3 or 1 to 5 Stars ▶ View Jury Pool Demographics Based on Age, Race, Gender, Education, Etc. ▶ Tap to View Map of Juror’s Home & Virtually Tour Juror’s Neighborhood ▶ Tap to Strike or Seat Jurors from a Jury List or Customizable Seating Chart ▶ Create, Edit, & Reuse Customize Voir Dire Questions. ▶ Share Custom Voir Dire Templates with Other JuryPad Users. ▶ Track Each Party’s Challenges & Easily Sort Challenges for Batson Motions ▶ Drag & Drop Trial Jurors Into the Jury Box & Record Observations During Trial ▶ Enter Juror Information on Your PC/Mac & Import into JuryPad ▶ Share Trial Information as a Spreadsheet, a Text File, or Share Your Database with Other JuryPad Users ▶ Multiple Ways to Learn with Onscreen Help, User Guide, Instructional Videos, & Sample Trial ___________________________________________________________ Lose your charts, sticky notes, papers, and pens. While others fumble around with notes and charts, JuryPad puts jury selection at your fingertips so you can efficiently and easily arrange, evaluate, and use your jurors’ information. JuryPad is user-friendly, flexible, and designed to work the way you do in the courtroom. Quickly and easily add or edit your jurors’ detailed information. Record information including name, age, gender, address, marital status, children, physical appearance, residential status, employment, spousal information, education, military service, civil and criminal case experience, prior jury service, familiarity with parties, lawyers, witnesses, and case details, and much more. Quickly view jury pool demographics. Take a virtual tour of jurors’ neighborhoods. Customize the way you rate your jurors for selection at trial. Easily sort, search, and filter your jurors by jury number, name, and rating. Search for any term. No attorney-conducted voir dire in your case? No problem! Evaluate and select jurors from a jury list, a customizable seating chart of jurors, or both. Create, edit, reuse and share your custom voir dire questions for any type of claim or case. Track how each party used its peremptory challenges and which jurors were struck for cause. JuryPad automatically tracks and counts each parties’ use of peremptory challenges and warns you when you are down to your last challenge. Filter by challenging party for Batson motions. Export and share your juror information as a spreadsheet, a text file, or a database for other JuryPad users. Import your jury information from a spreadsheet you fill out on your PC or Mac. JuryPad is easy to learn with onscreen help, a User Guide, and links to instruction videos. Sample trial of 60 jurors included for you to become familiar with JuryPad.


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