The extremely powerful surveillance platform now available on your devices! For a limited time only, download the app for FREE! Experience for yourself, ...

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The extremely powerful surveillance platform now available on your devices! For a limited time only, download the app for FREE! Experience for yourself, how simple surveillance can be. Feel assured with analytics based automatic detection, and know that you will be alerted whenever your attention is required. • Supports wide range of monitoring devices such as DVR, GPS and RFID • Multi-users with different access level • Wide range analytics, to perform problem detection and business intelligence reporting • Different types of alerts, including email, SMS and smartphone push notification Note: KAI Square Unified Platform account is required to use this app. ------------------------------- ABOUT KAI SQUARE UNIFIED PLATFORM KAI Square Unified Platform makes your surveillance data smarter. Surveillance data such as video, audio, sensor data are streamed into the platform and processed using our wide-range of real-time analytics capabilities. It will detect potential threats and issues, and send as alerts to your mobile phones via push notifications. Enjoy enhanced security while reducing the efforts to manage and monitor, and enjoy the peace of mind that you are looking for. • Provision of libraries to integrate different devices • Support for different VCA libraries plug-in • Comprehensive API for 3rd party system integration Advanced surveillance | Business Intelligence | Asset Tracking VIDEO CONTENT ANALYTICS (VCA) Videos contain large amount of useful information. However, it is typically left untapped, due to limitations in know-how and resources. VCA helps managers by converting these videos into meaningful surveillance and business data. KAI UP VCA MODULES • Face Indexing - Stores high quality image of the faces captured • Human Traffic Flow - Tracks and report people movement within an area • People Counting - Counts the number of people that enter and exit an area • Crowd Density - Provides an estimate on the crowd level in an area • Audience Profiling - Detects and report age range, gender, and emotive response • Intrusion Detection - Detects movements within restricted zones • Perimeter Defense - Detects perimeter crossed • Loitering Detection - Tracks dwell time to detect loitering within the area • Trip wire Counting - Limit the number of objects that is moved in or out of an area • Camera Tampering - Detects when camera has been tampered with OTHER MODULES • GeoTracker - Performs vehicle tracking and detects speeding and idling • Driver Audit - Monitor driving behavior by detecting sharp acceleration, harsh brake and acute turnings • GeoFence - Set up virtual boundaries on maps, and detect when GPS devices cross the boundaries • Resource Planning – Tool for managing jobs at multiple sites across a geographical region More modules under development, contact us to find out more! ------------------------------- KAI UP MOBILE APP Already available on all major web browsers! View live footages of your surveillance cameras or track GPS live locations, receive event notification, share events, or message other users on the go! ------------------------------- Join us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/kaisquare KAI Square Visit us at www.kaisquare.com Contact us at contact@kaisquare.com


Technical specifications

Version: 3.3

Size: 13.45 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by KAI Square

Day of release: 2013-08-13

Recommended age: 4+

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