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Kanbanery on the iPhone lets you manage your kanbanery.com task boards easily from anywhere. It does require that you have a free or a paid account on ...

Discontinued App


Kanbanery on the iPhone lets you manage your kanbanery.com task boards easily from anywhere. It does require that you have a free or a paid account on Kanbanery.com. Kanbanery.com is an elegant project task board for Scrum and kanban teams and for personal task management. It offers a simple to use interface, team collaboration and communication tools, file sharing and real-time updates. With the Kanbanery iPhone app you can: * View your task boards * View the tasks in each column * View task details * View task comments * Add tasks * Delete tasks * Edit task details, estimates and types * Add a comment to a task * Mark a task as ready to pull * Move tasks between columns What is Kanbanery? Anything you need to get done, alone or with help, that requires more than one step is a project. Kanbanery helps you and your teams to get a handle on your projects so that you can answer the most important questions faced by anyone trying to do something more complicated than tying their shoes. What should I be doing now? Am I doing it right? How could we work better? Kanbanery is the simplest way to find the answers and to keep moving forward. What is Kanban? There are different ways to look at projects. The task list is perhaps the simplest. The most complex approaches are outrageously daunting for most needs. Each approach focuses on different aspects of managing work. Kanban is an approach that focuses on how efficiently the right things get done. Kanban people call it "flow". There are only three basic rules to managing a project using kanban. 1) Visualize workflow - have a way to see how tasks get from not done to done right. Kanban accepts that there may be a few steps (do, doing, done) or many (plan, design, draft, approve, schedule, implement, test, integrate, deploy). However many stages a task in your project must pass through before it's done, a kanban board is a way to see at a glance everything that's happening in your project. 2) Limit work in progress - it's a very simple but powerful idea. There's a limit to what you can do well. Whether the project is simple or complex, whether the team is small or large, there's an optimal amount of stuff to do at one time without sacrificing efficiency. That limit is often lower than you think. It's not uncommon to find that doing ten things at once takes a week, but doing 2 things at once takes hours, resulting in twenty things done by the end of the week. Kanbanery gives you the tools to find that optimal point. 3) Measure and improve flow - a few simple measures, automatically generated by Kanbanery, give you the tools to tweak your process to maximize the rate in which things get done. The most fundamental of these measures are lead time and cycle time. Lead time is the time from which you need something until you have it. Cycle time is the time from when you start working on something until you finish it. What does that mean to you? Architects use kanbanery to design and build buildings. Programing teams use Kanbanery to build software. Students use Kanbanery to manage their homework. Families use Kanbanery to organize household chores. Sales teams use Kanbanery to coordinate the sales process. Executives use Kanbanery to organize their personal and work lives. If it's more complicated than tying your shoe, we can make it simpler.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.6

Size: 11.65 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Lunar Logic Polska

Day of release: 2011-03-10

Recommended age: 4+

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