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Katakune Eps 21

*Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers* Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children ...

Discontinued App


*Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers* Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children 2 to 6 from Character Farm. Already broadcasted in TV stations around the world, Swag Soft has now licensed Katakune to be distributed as iPhone applications. *What Does Katakune Teach?* Katakune is designed to fill the gaps where most preschooler cartoons fail to do so. While most preschooler cartoons focused mainly on things like counting and spelling, Katakune places emphasis on social interaction and EQ based topics. Educational and entertaining, Katakune shows children simple ways to deal with complex concepts of social responsibility, friendship, life skills and value systems. Subjects in basic science, geography, mathematics, health and hygiene, environmental issues and creativity are dealt with too. *What’s in Every Katakune Application?* Every application contains 10 minutes’ worth of beautiful animation, broken down into 5 easy to watch episodes, all evolving around a universal theme. It could be about social topics like honesty, friendship, responsibility, learning or fun discovery topics like hot air balloons, plants, food, tea, toys, etc. Every application also contains beautifully rendered wallpapers from the episodes and trivia regarding the characters and every episode. There are a total of 52 delightful Katakune applications to collect! *What’s in This Application?* *Episode 21 – The Missing Wallet* It’s Louie’s birthday and Katakune has prepared some strawberries. When hungry Woofy sees the delicious fruits, he gobbles them all down. Poor Katakune is upset that he has to go and buy more strawberries. In his rush, Katakune forgets to bring his wallet and can’t find it anywhere. Luckily Woofy helps Katakune sniff out his missing wallet, and Katakune forgives Woofy for his greediness. Objective – Demonstrates to kids that even though sometimes pets can be naughty at times; they can be very helpful too. *Episode 22 – Toy Woofy* While passing by the toy shop Woofy sees two little toy dogs that look very much like him! Woofy is curious and he sits down next to the toy dogs pretending to be one too. Katakune and Benny come to the toy shop wanting to buy a toy and sees the real Woofy, thinking he is one of the toys. They are amused to find this toy resembling Woofy so much, as it barks and moves just like Woofy! Objective – Introduces to kids how playing pretend can be a load of fun. *Episode 23 – Greedy Woofy* Katakune asks Woofy to buy some cherries for him. But greedy Woofy eats them all before he gets home! Objective – Illustrates to kids that is important not to let greed get in the way of a mission! *Episode 24 – Woofy Runs Away* Poor Woofy is hungry, but Katakune is busy playing video games. When Katakune finally finishes with his video game, he can't find Woofy anywhere. Oh no, Woofy has run away! Objective - Teaches kids to be more responsible when it comes to looking after pets. *Episode 25 – Woofy's New House* Katakune wants to make Woofy happy by building him a new house and he enlists the help of his friends. But when Woofy sees his new house, he doesn't show any interest at all. So Katakune improves it and makes it even better than before. Woofy goes into his new and improved house, but in the end still decides to sleep by Katakune's bed. It seems that Woofy is happiest when he's close to Katakune! Objective – A feel good story to demonstrate how pets just want to be close to their masters.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 65.06 MB


Price: 0,88 €

Developed by Swag Soft LLP

Day of release: 2010-08-11

Recommended age: 4+

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