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Katakune Eps 26

*Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers* Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children ...

Discontinued App


*Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers* Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children 2 to 6 from Character Farm. Already broadcasted in TV stations around the world, Swag Soft has now licensed Katakune to be distributed as iPhone applications. *What Does Katakune Teach?* Katakune is designed to fill the gaps where most preschooler cartoons fail to do so. While most preschooler cartoons focused mainly on things like counting and spelling, Katakune places emphasis on social interaction and EQ based topics. Educational and entertaining, Katakune shows children simple ways to deal with complex concepts of social responsibility, friendship, life skills and value systems. Subjects in basic science, geography, mathematics, health and hygiene, environmental issues and creativity are dealt with too. *What’s in Every Katakune Application?* Every application contains 10 minutes’ worth of beautiful animation, broken down into 5 easy to watch episodes, all evolving around a universal theme. It could be about social topics like honesty, friendship, responsibility, learning or fun discovery topics like hot air balloons, plants, food, tea, toys, etc. Every application also contains beautifully rendered wallpapers from the episodes and trivia regarding the characters and every episode. There are a total of 52 delightful Katakune applications to collect! *What’s in This Application?* *Episode 26 – Knowledge and Wisdom* Katakune’s friends are talking about an eclipse that’s about to happen. Katakune doesn’t know anything about eclipses and tries to make something up but his friends find out. Katakune decides to expand his knowledge by reading more. The next time his friends discuss something, Katakune can put his knowledge to good use! Objective – Illustrates to kids from this story that knowledge is an important part of everyday life. *Episode 27 – News Hotline* Katakune constantly calls the news hotline with trivial information, hoping that one day his information will make it onto the news. One day Katakune finally gets his wish, except that he is the news himself when he walks right into a manhole with a missing cover! Objective – Introduces the concept of the news hotline to kids. *Episode 28 – Speedy News* The Penguin Brothers have opened a new hamburger restaurant. But no one knows about it, and as a result they don’t have any customers at their grand opening. The next day they decide to advertise their special promotion on the radio. Katakune, Benny and Tyko turn up together at the restaurant and they all get a huge feast as promised by Thomas and Willy! Objective – Illustrates to kids the benefits of advertising and promotions. *Episode 29 – Old News* Katakune reads in the newspaper that there will be a meteor shower tonight, so he calls Benny and Louie over to watch it together. They wait for a long time, and still nothing happens. That's when Louie takes another look at the newspaper and finds out that Katakune has been reading old papers! Objective - Informs kids that news can be outdated and to always stay updated with the most current news. *Episode 30 – April Fool’s Joke* Katakune sees a weather report that tells him there will be a snow, lightning and typhoon storm coming this afternoon. Katakune sees Benny and notices that he hasn't done any preparation for the coming storm. Katakune urges Benny to go home where it's safe. Much to Benny's amusement, he tells Katakune that it is just an April Fool’s Joke. Objective – Illustrates to kids how reliable news should have a reasonable basis and that they should not believe everything they hear.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 70.78 MB


Price: 0,88 €

Developed by Swag Soft LLP

Day of release: 2010-08-31

Recommended age: 4+

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