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*Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers* Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children ...

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*Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers* Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children 2 to 6 from Character Farm. Already broadcasted in TV stations around the world, Swag Soft has now licensed Katakune to be distributed as iPhone applications. *What Does Katakune Teach?* Katakune is designed to fill the gaps where most preschooler cartoons fail to do so. While most preschooler cartoons focused mainly on things like counting and spelling, Katakune places emphasis on social interaction and EQ based topics. Educational and entertaining, Katakune shows children simple ways to deal with complex concepts of social responsibility, friendship, life skills and value systems. Subjects in basic science, geography, mathematics, health and hygiene, environmental issues and creativity are dealt with too. What’s in Every Katakune Application? Every application contains 10 minutes’ worth of beautiful animation, broken down into 5 easy to watch episodes, all evolving around a universal theme. It could be about social topics like honesty, friendship, responsibility, learning or fun discovery topics like hot air balloons, plants, food, tea, toys, etc. Every application also contains beautifully rendered wallpapers from the episodes and trivia regarding the characters and every episode. There are a total of 52 delightful Katakune applications to collect! *What’s in This Application?* *Episode 31 - Katakune Goes Camping* Katakune wants to go camping and asks Tyko what he should bring. He soon finds out that camping involves a lot of hard work and has second thoughts about going! Objective - Encourages kids not to give up in the face of difficulty. *Episode 32 - Late for the Bus* Katakune has decided to go camping after all! Katakune is so excited that he plays with Woofy late into the night. The next day Katakune sleeps way past the morning and as a result he misses the bus. Katakune promises himself to wake up early the next morning! Objective - Illustrates to kids that staying up late will result in waking up late, which may inadvertently spoil their plans for the day. *Episode 33 - Right on Time* After missing the bus yesterday, Katakune goes to bed extra early today so he won't miss the bus. The next day, Katakune and Woofy get to the bus stop with 4 hours to spare before the bus comes! They soon tire from waiting and fall asleep, missing the bus again! Objective - Illustrates to kids the difference between being on time and being too early. *Episode 34 - Helping Each Other* Katakune is out camping, but can’t seem to unzip his tent. Along comes Woofy looking hungry as always. Katakune shares his food with Woofy. Happily fed from the food, Woofy helps Katakune unzip his tent, and they both snuggle up for the night. Objective - Illustrates to kids from this story that both parties can benefit if they help each other. *Episode 35 - A Camping Diary* Katakune's camping trip is now over, and he has many fond memories from this trip. Katakune decides to write down all the memorable events into a diary, to remind him of all the good times he had on the trip. Objective - Illustrates to kids the benefits of keeping a diary, such as writing down memorable moments as well as mistakes to remind them in the future. 


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