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Katakune Preschool Cartoon Episodes 1

Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children ...

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Katakune - An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers Katakune is a delightful and award-winning 3D animated cartoon series created for children 2 to 6 from Character Farm. Already broadcasted in TV stations around the world, Swag Soft has now licensed Katakune to be distributed as iPhone applications. What Does Katakune Teach? Katakune is designed to fill the gaps where most preschooler cartoons fail to do so. While most preschooler cartoons focused mainly on things like counting and spelling, Katakune places emphasis on social interaction and EQ based topics. Educational and entertaining, Katakune shows children simple ways to deal with complex concepts of social responsibility, friendship, life skills and value systems. Subjects in basic science, geography, mathematics, health and hygiene, environmental issues and creativity are dealt with too. What’s in Every Katakune Application? Every application contains 10 minutes’ worth of beautiful animation, broken down into 5 easy to watch episodes, all evolving around a universal theme. It could be about social topics like honesty, friendship, responsibility, learning or fun discovery topics like hot air balloons, plants, food, tea, toys, etc. There are a total of 52 delightful Katakune applications to collect! What’s in This Application? Episode 1 – Rainbows It is question time in class, and Katakune knows the answer. However his classmates seem to be confused, and this causes Katakune to get a little confused himself! Finally Katakune musters his courage and gives his answer even though he is worried that it might be wrong. Katakune is happy to find that he has got the right answer after all! Objective – Illustrates to kids that they should believe in themselves, even when faced with doubt. Episode 2 - The Magic Show Katakune is going to perform magic tricks at the school concert. He practices once, and the trick goes well, so he feels confident and stops practicing. The day of the school concert finally arrives. All the other performances go well, but when it’s Katakune’s turn to do his magic tricks, he creates a fiasco of himself! Objective - Illustrates to kids that practice makes perfect, and not to be over confident and complacent just because they’ve had one success. Episode 3 - Katakune’s Makeover Katakune gives himself a makeover because he thinks it will make him more popular. However his plan backfires when his friends can’t recognize him and they don’t understand why Katakune needs a makeover at all. They tell Katakune that looks aren’t important, but who Katakune really is that matters most to them. Katakune realizes that he is actually more popular being himself! Objective - Illustrates to kids that looking good on the outside is not as important as having a beautiful character on the inside. Episode 4 – The Baseball Game Katakune is having a baseball game with Louie and Roger tomorrow, and he is determined not to be late! So Katakune sets his alarm to go off extra early. He also puts on some earmuffs to block out Woofy’s barking. But as a result he doesn’t hear the alarm go off, and in his hurry he forgets his baseballs! Luckily for the amigos, Woofy brings them the baseballs! Objective - Encourages kids to be more mindful of the things they need to prepare and that rushing may result in forgetting something. Episode 5 – An Outing Everyone is going on a trip, and they need to take enough food as it’s going to be a long walk. Greedy Katakune buys so much food that his bag is bigger than him! Poor Katakune gets so tired from carrying his food on this long walk that he has no energy left to play or even enjoy his food! As a result he misses out on all the fun and still has his huge bag to carry home! Objective - Illustrates to kids that they should not over prepare, and to gauge what they need properly.


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Version: 1.1

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Developed by Swag Soft LLP

Day of release: 2010-07-29

Recommended age: 4+

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