Kate and Harry in Africa

Kate and Harry are back and they are taking you to Africa! Let your toddlers and preschoolers have fun with this cute, educational introduction to board ...

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Kate and Harry are back and they are taking you to Africa! Let your toddlers and preschoolers have fun with this cute, educational introduction to board games. You can play alone, you can play with your friend or sibling. But it’s not about who wins, it’s the road that matters - the adventure! Take photos of African animals and learn their names, meet the villagers, collect gifts and rewards. It's a great backseat app when you’re traveling with kids! "Kate and Harry in Africa is a unique app. As I’ve mentioned before, board game apps for young kids are rare, so it’s nice to see an app that fills that gap. But more than just a grand idea, the app is also executed really well." - geekswithjuniors.com "Developers have done a magnificent job keeping this app not only easy to use, but also safe for children as well. The intuitive set up gently prompts children to the very next step in the game so they don’t get stuck in any one area." - bestappsforkids.com Now "Kate and Harry in Africa" supports Dice+ (*) Check www.dicepl.us to learn about this cool new device!!! Gameplay is really simple: * Pick a boy or a girl character. Or both! * Tap the dice to move your character. * Some spaces are special - you may take animal photos there * Tap an animal to take a photo * See your photos and rewards when you reach the end! Features: * Works best for 3-6 y/o children * Tap the dice to roll it - hear the number - watch and listen to character moving accordingly * Play alone or with a friend * You don’t have to compete - players decide if there is any winner or not * Learn 15 African animals * Beautiful art and lots of funny sounds * No time pressure * No ads and no links accessible to children * A contained Parent Zone, child-protected by a 3 second hold button with an expansion in-app purchase offer and links to other Kate and Harry apps "Kate and Harry in Africa is a lovely, well-made app that would make a great companion during road trips. The app features high quality graphics and animations, as well as a simple, intuitive, and stress-free gameplay that is suitable for its intended audience. Kids can also learn to count from 1–6 and explore the diverse African safari. If you have been looking to introduce your juniors to the fascinating world of board games, I would highly recommend this app." - geekswithjuniors.com Check www.kateandharry.com to learn more about the series! (*) Dice+ support only for iPhone 4S (and later models) and iPad3 (and later models) PRIVACY POLICY We at Very Nice Studio are parents ourselves and we take your privacy and the privacy of your child very seriously. We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This software does not store, share, use or collect any personal information from our users. This software does not include 3rd party ads or any 3rd party analytics. Support links, in-app purchases and links to Very Nice Studio apps and website are found on contained, parent targeted screens separate from game play screens.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 26.31 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by Very Nice Studio

Day of release: 2013-07-6

Recommended age: 4+

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