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Katrins colorful Moon Story

Dear Parents, Welcome to Katrin's colorful Moon Story - Have you ever wondered why the Moon is visible during the day? *** About the App *** Katrin's ...

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Dear Parents, Welcome to Katrin's colorful Moon Story - Have you ever wondered why the Moon is visible during the day? *** About the App *** Katrin's colorful Moon Story answers the question that a lot of kids ask themselves: "Have you ever wondered why the Moon is visible during the day?" Our story is an original tale which explains a real-world phenomena in a charming way. Join the main character, Katrin, and her cat Clemens and find out why the moon is searching for colors. In addition to beautiful illustrations and animations, the story integrates 3 games with high replay value, which further demonstrate how colors work and why we can see them. *** What is the content of the App? *** The App features 32 fully illustrated pages. Every page is hand drawn with a lot of love by Wiebke Rauers. The App has 2 interactive tasks for children to solve and 3 games, which are deeply integrated into the narrative. The kids will help Katrin to reorganize her crayons and sort them by color. Through a color-mixing game, they will learn about color theory and will help Katrin to create a picture that is used to explain why colors are visible only with light. We took care that all of the games can be replayed, as with each play through, the goal of the games will be slightly different. All games are based on drag & drop interactions and are easy to learn, even for the little ones. Additionally, the story features small animations inside the pages. We want to be honest here: please be aware that the animations in our App are minimal right now. If you are looking for a fully animated story book, this might not be the right App for you. Nonetheless, we would love to work on more animations and are open for your suggestions on what to add! The music is scored by George Hufnagl, who has already worked for internationally known Kids Books and Apps. All texts and the voice-over is localized in 3 Languages: German, English and French. *** Summary *** - Self-written story - Charming main character Katrin and her cat Clemens - A secret 3rd Character - 32 fully illustrated pages - 2 interactive tasks - 3 re-playable Games - Original Soundtrack - Small Animations with funny sound-effects - Localized texts and voice-over in German, English and French - Support for iPad, iPad Retina and iPad Mini *** Who has made the App? *** The App is made by the small, two-person team, Tinytouchtales, from Berlin, Germany. Tinytouchtales is Wiebke Rauers, who is responsible for Illustration and Story and Arnold Floeck, who is in charge of Design and Code. We strive to build games and interactive stories for touch-screens. *** Feedback & Contact *** We are grateful for all feedback we can get from you and your kids! Please email us about anything you like to know or say to: hello@tinytouchtales.com Additionally you can find us here: Website & Blog www.tinytouchtales.com Facebooke Page www.facebook.com/tinytouchtales Twitter Account www.twitter.com/tinytouchtales


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 152.56 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by Tiny Touch Tales

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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