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◆◆Kaztap◆◆ =========================== =========================== Tap Tap improvisation brain game "Kaztap" Are you in a daze sometimes?? Feel ...

Discontinued App


◆◆Kaztap◆◆ =========================== =========================== Tap Tap improvisation brain game "Kaztap" Are you in a daze sometimes?? Feel thrill, joy and fun for 30 short seconds!! ◆◆How to Play◆◆ 1. Tap the correct number between 0-9 within 30 seconds time limit and click the "OK" button to increase the score. 2. If it's '0", don't press tap and just press OK button. 3. At the bottom of the pink lamp lights, the whole issue will be renewed automatically. 4. Bonus points match consecutive correct answers and time will be extended gradually. ◆◆Caution◆◆ Miss one will make a fatal mistake. Never let your guard down ◆◆feature and functions◆◆ Promoting brain exercise and improvisation Reduced Asthenia and depression Game Center integration Facebook upload certification ◆◆Note◆◆ Concentration of people is only 4 seconds. limited to 30 seconds over the limit of human extreme challenge!! さぁKAZTAPに挑戦だ! KAZTAPは表示されã‚‹æ•°å­—、四則æ¼â€Ã§®—の結果の数だけボタンã‚’タップする単ç´â€Ã£ªÃ£‚²Ã£ƒ¼Ã£ƒ ! この単ç´â€Ã£•Ã£Œå°å­¦Ã§â€ŸÃ£‹Ã£‚‰Ã£‚·Ã£ƒ‹Ã£‚¢Ã£¾Ã£§Ã£®å¹…広い層ã‚’同じフィールドで競わせã‚‹! 大人に負けたくない! 若い者には負けられない! 様々なプライドがぶつかり合うKAZTAP…。 さぁ、集中力と瞬発力、記憶力、、、 もてる全ての脳力ã‚’使って競え! KAZTAPを競え! ◆◆使ç
上のãâ€æ³¨æ„â—†â—† ■一度のミスが命取り! 一度間違うとスコアが半減! ゲームが終了するまでは油断禁物だ! ■制限時間は30秒! 人の集中力は4秒と言われています。 制限時間30秒はまさに人の限界ã‚’超えた挑戦なのだ! ※正解し続けると制限時間が延長され、さらに高得点が狙えます。 Produced by chofactory


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Version: 1.1.3

Size: 11.66 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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