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The Kessler kOS™ app for CineDrive on iPad is Kessler’s premium motion control software for operating Kessler’s CineDrive motion control system. Specifically, ...

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The Kessler kOS™ app for CineDrive on iPad is Kessler’s premium motion control software for operating Kessler’s CineDrive motion control system. Specifically, kOS™ communicates motion control commands and data to the CineDrive™ Brain. kOS™ for iPad runs on any iPad device with iOS 8.0 or later. CONTROL ANY MOTION Live, looping, stop-motion, time-lapse, GigaPixel and event mode moves are at your fingertips. DIGITAL KEY FRAMING Simply move each axis into position and hit record. kOS remembers exact positioning for 100% repeatable moves. WIFI CONNECTIVITY CineDrive creates its own WiFi network that you can connect your device to instantly. EASY KEY FRAME SMOOTHING Add & manipulate curves to your moves for ease in and ease outs. Also, link each side of the key frame to match. EDITABLE KEY FRAMES No need to re-record the move if it's not exactly what you want. Edit one or all axes and key frames into the perfect position. Featuring incremental, exact motor position and tap & move key frame adjustments. REPEATABILITY Repeat the exact same move over and over again. Even change the duration to have the same move played out in different lengths of time. Want a move where the shot transitions from a live plate to a time-lapse? No problem. Simply repeat the move as a live shot and as a time lapse to blend together in post. DELAY BY DATE/TIME Not going to be around when your move needs to start? No problem. Easily set a date/time or fixed amount of time to have your move begin. kOS takes care of the rest. FLASH MARK/BLOOP Sync up your moves easily via the built-in flash marks with adjustable delay. Currently, there are five types of flash marks available: Brain LED, Flashlight, Audible Tone, Flash Screen (device), Software Clap (device). Choose one or choose all. PRE & POST PHOTOS (TIME-LAPSE) Easily add photos to your move before the move begins and after the move ends. GO TO POSITION Set minimum and maximum ranges on each axis (ie. slider 0" to 32") and go to any position by entering a value. LOAD & GO This feature allows for pre-loading a move so that you are able to start instantly whenever you are ready. CAMERA ROLL Trigger your camera to start recording any amount of time before the move begins and when to stop after the move ends. ANALOG CONTROL PANEL Manually control several axes live with the built in analog controller. EVENT MODE Event mode is mainly intended for live events or scenarios where exact position recalling on-the-fly is needed. For example, if you are filming a live concert, you can have different positions on stage saved. You can move easily from the drummer, to the guitarist, to the lead singer and so forth. This mode is also great for repeatedly hitting actor marks on set. GIGAPIXEL GigaPixel is traditionally used for 360 degree virtual tours, panoramic photographs or GigaPixel images which are extremely high resolution photographs that are compiled of many lower resolution photographs. GRAPH EXPANSION Expand the graph with one touch when precise key framing is needed. SCRUB THROUGH MOVE Need to edit a key frame or see when the camera will be in a certain position? Use the scrub feature to instantly move to a desired position. LOOPING Looping is made easy with kOS. Simply select one-time or continuous along with the type of reverse to first key frame method. CAMERA CONTROL Set CineDrive to trigger or control your camera’s exposure time within kOS. AUTO TIME-LAPSE CALCULATION Enter your desired clip length and frame rate and kOS will calculate the run time needed. BUMP BUTTONS Move in very small increments to ensure a precise position is on point. DROPBOX INTEGRATION Upload saved moves directly to your Dropbox account within kOS app. MOTOR CONFIGURATION Each axis is able to be customized. For example: axis name, run speed, dampening, smooth curves and bump button adjustment values.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.8.1

Size: 8.82 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Kessler Crane Inc.

Day of release: 2013-02-22

Recommended age: 4+

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